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TAKUMI partners with NatWest in new campaign to protect young gamers from scammers

NatWest is partnering with influencer marketing agency, TAKUMI, to shine a light on the issue of scams and online fraud threats for young people through its new campaign, NatWest x Gaming Creator Collective

The campaign kicks off with a one-hour panel on Wednesday 8th September 2021 at 1pm and starts by focusing on the gaming industry, whose community is frequently targeted by fraudsters. 

To reach the key audience, TAKUMI has connected NatWest with two female social media gaming creators. 

The creators – Jay Ann-Lopez, CEO and Founder of Black Girl Gamers, and Dani or Ebonix, a creator specialising in Sims4 – have a combined following of over 600,000 users across Instagram, Twitch and TikTok, and have been lauded for making gaming more inclusive and a safer space for women. 

The panel will be chaired by Aimee Howells, Managing Partner at TAKUMI, and alongside the two gaming creators will also feature Matilde Leiria, Junior Project Manager at TAKUMI, Jason Costain, Head of Fraud Management at NatWest, and Beth McCafferty, a Senior Analyst for Fraud Prevention at NatWest. The panel will explore the tactics used by scammers in the gaming community and how users can stay safe online – two themes that feed into NatWest’s wider aim of educating young people on the behavioural and social pressures scammers use to make people willingly transfer money. 

The NatWest x Gaming Creator Collective campaign falls under NatWest’s brand platform, Tomorrow Begins Today, through which the bank is encouraging individuals to take small tangible actions now to help facilitate future, larger goals. 

The free panel will be a 45-minute conversation followed by a 15-minute Q&A and can be accessed via this link.

Commenting on the campaign, Mary Keane-Dawson, Group CEO at TAKUMI, says: “We’re delighted to be supporting NatWest in highlighting the worrying and pervasive rise of scams in the gaming community.

“Our creators can speak with authority on this topic having been victims themselves and will offer insightful, actionable tips on how other gamers can avoid losing money to these heartless cybercriminals. 

“With more of us venturing online since the outbreak of COVID-19, we must all be extra-vigilant and stay up-to-date with the latest advice from banks and experts on how to protect ourselves from frauds and scams.”

Kiana Sigaroudinia, Head of Refund Policy, Customer Content & Media at NatWest said: “Fraud and scams are having a devastating and increasing impact on people and communities across the UK and we know that young people can be particularly vulnerable to some of the scammers’ techniques. We’re pleased to be working with the gaming community in this way to lean about how we can better help provide the information and insight that people need.