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Trendoyl expand into Berlin and beyond

Trendyol, the Turkish ecommerce company and one of the world’s leading platforms, is announcing the opening of its first office outside of Turkey today. By the end of the year, Trendyol say they will hire more than 200 employees in Berlin, to expand its business in Germany and the rest of Europe. Office openings in Amsterdam and Luxembourg are expected to follow later this year, followed by an office in London in 2023.

Trendyol plans strong growth in Germany

Trendyol’s business in Germany is scaling fast and is already expected to generate more than EUR 400M by the end of the year. By 2025, Trendyol expects to increase its business volume in Germany to over EUR 3B.

In Germany alone, Trendyol’s mobile app has been downloaded close to one million times since launching seven months ago. According to statistics from web analytics company Similar Web, Trendyol was already Germany’s second-fastest-growing fashion platform in February  2022. Recently, Trendyol’s mobile app also took first place for the most popular shopping app in Germany on Apple’s App Store, as well as first place for the most popular app across all categories in Germany on the Google Playstore.

Trendyol is planning to invest more than $500M for internationalization

Trendyol say that they plan to invest more than half a billion US dollars in international expansion by 2025. Acquisitions are also expected to potentially play a role in internationalization. In terms of infrastructure, apart from its offices, the company plans to build a 65,000+ sqm fulfilment centre in Central Europe to serve its core European consumers. The company already operates a fulfilment centre in Poland.  

Çağlayan Çetin, President of the Trendyol Group, said:  By 2023, our aim is to more than quintuple our international volumes and in five years we plan to generate a third of our sales outside of Turkey. The new location in Berlin is our very first outside of Turkey and plays a significant role in these plans. We believe that our strong team, world-class technology, and Turkish industry’s strengths in manufacturing and logistics will make Trendyol one of the leading players in the European market. With strong strategic investors supporting us and our operational capability, we are looking forward to significantly expanding our operations in Europe. Today, we have laid the foundation with our office in Berlin”. 

With more than 30 million customers and over 260,000 sellers on the platform, Trendyol is the leading ecommerce platform in Turkey. With more than one million packages delivered daily, Trendyol is also one of the five largest ecommerce platforms in EMEA.