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New Digital Age AI in Advertising Event

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AI is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a game-changer that releases valuable resources from tedious tasks and paves the way for unparalleled creative exploration. As we dive into this AI-powered future, questions remain about how agencies can understand it, master it, and then create with it.

At this event, New Digital Age will focus on discussing some of the key points surrounding the technology including:

  • What are the ethical and privacy considerations when using AI in advertising?
  • How can AI enhance audience targeting and personalisation?
  • How can AI enhance user experience in digital products and services?

The Event

Taking place on the 7th of February 2024 in London, the AI in Advertising event will provide a morning of insightful and high-quality content that will delve into the definition of AI and what opportunities this now presents for advertisers and publishers.

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On the 13th of September, New Digital Age presented the first Retail Media Event. Held at a bespoke shop in Soho, the event focused on discussing the role of how to achieve success in Retail Media and also how you can still be creative within the Retail Media space.  

Latest in AI from New Digital Age

At New Digital Age, we write about AI daily so expect our panel events, conferences, and more to be on the industry-edge when it comes to topics and discussion.


A breakfast event would only be complete with crossiants, coffee, and panels. Here’s what will be up for discussion on September 13th.


How to achieve retail media success (in a privacy-first world)

Retail media has been widely recognised as one of the solutions to targeting and measurement in a world without third-party cookies.

So, in this environment powered by first-party data, how can retailers and brands ensure they achieve the outcomes they are looking for, while protecting the privacy of their customers? Our panel will outline why retail media will be essential in the post-cookie world and share some of the best practices to adopt around the channel.

What new data opportunities are unlocked by retail media?

A plethora of news data opportunities are delivered by retail media, around intent and customer purchase behaviour. We discuss the impact for advertisers and retailers.