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We work in an industry full of individuals. It is an industry that should be open to anyone – regardless of background, gender or sexuality.   

Media Pride is a new content and event initiative brought to you by New Digital Age, providing a year-round platform to celebrate those within the LGBTQIA+ community working in advertising & marketing.

It will give a voice to those within the community to share their opinions and insight on the topics that matter most to them, providing a platform to support peers and colleagues.

After starting the Media Pride initiative in May, the next step was to start running events. This first was on the 21st of September when New Digital Age hosted the Media Pride lunch – where members of LBGTQIA+ community and their allies were bought together to celebrate the great people in this industry.

Details to be confirmed


Pride is a huge part of our culture in the media and advertising world but you'd be wrong if you thought that the battle was over.

There is still much to campaign for.

Over the past four years, there has been a 217% increase in stories about trans people, and a 154% increase in hate crime against the group.

Once leading the ILGA ranking for LGBTQ+ inclusion 10 years ago, the UK now ranks 17th. Progress is stuttering, if not halted or even reversing.

Naturally, the media has a huge role to play in both setting positive attitudes, and cementing prejudiced ones. By extension, media agencies, creatives and advertisers share collective responsibility.

NDA is hoping Media Pride can be a part of that.