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Taco Bell will swap your sad sandwiches this week

Taco Bell has created a ‘Taco Swap’ Chrome extension that lets users hack their friends’ lunchtime decision making with some not-so-subtle subliminal messages.

The Taco Swap campaign seeks to awaken the nation to more exciting lunchtime meals. For those worried they won’t be able to convince their office creature of habit, plain Jane lunchtime buddy to ditch their usual.

For taco fans and first timers alike, the UK can head to their nearest Taco Bell restaurant this week and claim a free Crunchy Taco. Available from 9 – 15 May between 12-2pm, lunch goers can leave their lunch at home and pick up a free a Seasoned Beef or Black Bean Crunchy Taco worth £1.29.

Taking the Taco Swap into the virtual world, the brand has created new technology that will swap any image online into a taco! The Taco Swap Internet Taco-ver is available on the Google Chrome Web Store here, and pranksters can now replace any image with drool worthy images of crunchy tacos and fun animated taco gifs. Simply add to Chrome and then type ‘taco’ anywhere on screen, on any website. What’s more the Taco Swap Chrome extension will detect boring lunchtime phrases such as ‘meal deal’ ‘sandwich’ or ‘salad’ and immediately swap images on screen too.

Users are invited to share their most mischievous Taco Swap taco-overs on social with #TacoSwap. With so many lunchtimes being dominated by internet doom scrolling, the Taco Swap Chrome Extension will provide those with a deviant side the perfect opportunity to prank their nearest and dearest and lead them to a delicious Taco awakening. 

“Following the success of our first-ever global marketing campaign last May, we’re excited to build on this momentum with the hope of giving consumers another reason to consider Taco Bell as their mealtime go-to,” says Gino Casciani, General Manager for Taco Bell UK & Europe. “In true Taco Bell fashion, our hope is that Taco Swap brings our customers in for a crunchy, craveable taco when they’re looking to break free from the everyday.”

To install the Taco Swap Internet Taco-ver, download the Google Chrome extension here.