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NDA launches Ecommerce Age

We’re pleased to announce that the team behind New Digital Age have now launched Ecommerce Age

This is the second title from the media division of Bluestripe Group.

The site will be edited by Justin Pearse with Tyrone Stewart and Andy Oakes providing support. James McGowan running all commercial activity.

The title will follow the same model that has made NDA so successful over the last couple of years. Our editorial team will seek insights and analysis from senior figures within the industry whilst also working with what we feel are the most interesting up and coming companies in the space. As with NDA, we feel that those who work every day in the industry are the best placed to comment. And also as with NDA, we will insist that any paid content is of the same quality of content we would write ourselves.

To be very honest, ECA was not going to be the second launch on our roadmap but 2020 was a massive year for ecommerce given the effects of COVID. The pandemic sped up changes across several verticals, and that acceleration is expected to continue as we progress through 2021 and beyond. On a recent Clubhouse session, we hosted that was due to cover adtech, there was such great excitement and enthusiasm about the growth in the ecommerce market that we felt we needed to act fast.

We’re hugely grateful to our launch sponsors Adimo, Mention Me, TRIBE and Productsup. To sponsor a launch is never an easy decision. We urge you to go and look at these companies and work with them!

Please send all editorial enquiries to To get involved in sponsorship then please contact

We want you to see this as your title so please get involved.