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Jerry Daykin, GSK: #RepresentationMatters

“I think lots of marketers at the moment are a bit nervous about what they can and can’t do, what they should or shouldn’t say”, said Jerry Daykin, EMEA Media Director at GSK, at last months 99//Club Digital Festival. Whilst discussing LGBT inclusive advertising initiatives, Jerry stated: “It’s your job as a marketer to reflect the consumers around you, and if you think all the consumers around you are straight, white, middle-class housewives, then you’re wrong.”

“In the US they [P&G] found 80% of respondents who’ve been exposed to LGBT inclusive ads were more likely to be okay with a family member being gay themselves, compared to 10% less if they hadn’t”, said Jerry in the video below. “So representation really matters”.

NDA will be publishing highlights from the Festival, run in partnership with MAD//Fest, over the coming weeks.

The week-long invite-only festival was a collaboration between MAD//Fest and New Digital Age. Over the course of five days, 99 speakers debated topics across themes including media and tech, customer experience and personalisation, brand experience and creativity and innovation for growth.


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