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NDA Heroes: Meet the Sponsors – Steven Filler of ShowHeroes

With the first-ever NDA Heroes Awards just weeks away, we caught up with the leaders of the businesses sponsoring the new event. Here, we meet Steven Filler, Country Manager at ShowHeroes

What attracted your organisation to sponsoring the first-ever NDA Heroes awards?

At ShowHeroes we place huge importance on the happiness and recognition of both our internal heroes but also on our customers, many of whom we think are deserving of Hero status and so these awards were naturally something we were keen to support.  

What are the big priorities for your organisation this year?

ShowHeroes continues to grow at lightning speed both in terms of our global footprint but also in the breadth and depth of our video solutions. This means we’re developing even stronger relationships with advertisers, publishers and content partners across online video and CTV. Being able to offer a genuine scaled alternative to the big tech platforms remains a top priority and increasingly it’s the combination of our video content and creative production combined with cookieless contextual technologies running across all screens, in 25+ markets, on brand safe premium supply that our partners really value.

How important is collaboration to the work that your organisation does?

At ShowHeroes we understand that close collaboration with our publisher and advertiser partners is essential. Our core focus is helping publishers generate incremental video revenue and helping our advertiser partners access incremental contextually relevant in-stream video. Neither of these things can happen without strong relationships built on trust.

Generally speaking, how well do you think the digital media industry does at supporting the needs of the individuals within it? What could the industry do better?

We think one of the most challenging areas in recent years has been the balance between working from home and being in the office and the impact this has had on mental health.

Individuals working in digital media can arguably operate more effectively from home, behind a screen more than any area of the media industry BUT there’s a big difference between short term efficiency and the long-term benefits of social interaction, building strong relationships and learning from each other. It’s been great to see the industry start to find the right balance between the office / home balance and at ShowHeroes we’ve been enjoying getting the team together in the office more often and being able to host more social events with our clients as we try to inject more fun back into the industry for our partners.

Do you have any Heroes of your own, individuals who were particularly important in the development of your career or who acted as an inspiration to you?

I’ve been lucky to work with so many great people over the years but what I find most inspiring and motivating these days is seeing the development of my team both as individuals but also as colleagues looking to support each other and do a great job for their clients. I think this relates again to working from home for so long as it makes me really appreciate seeing them together, having fun and doing great work!

ShowHeroes is a leading, independent provider of instream video solutions for digital premium publishers and brands in Europe, driven by semantic technology and content.