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The NDA Digital Media Christmas Song competition

As you know, NDA likes to cover all the serious issues that surround our industry. We also love to champion our industry and celebrate its achievements and central characters.

And yet, in this week’s high-level editorial meeting, we realised a sad, some might say a shocking fact about our industry,

It has never had its own Christmas song.

Never have sleigh bells accompanied an ode about header bidding in the snow, never have a children’s choir accompanied a carol extolling the virtues of personalising your Christmas cards for maximum ROI.

And so we turn to you, our talented readership to remedy this situation. We want you to come up with your Christmas song for the industry. Send us your lyrics, your recordings, your videos. We’ll publish whatever is legal in our Friday round-ups on the run in Christmas.

The winners will get an extra special gift from NDA’s well-stocked Christmas cupboard and the gratitude of an entire industry.

Send your best efforts to