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Xandr shares details of its new approach to Identity 

Advertising technology platform Xandr has shared details of its revamped, multi-faceted approach to identity solutions, in anticipation of the deprecation of third-party cookies and device IDs.

Xandr is laying the groundwork for agnostic interoperability for identifiers, so its clients can work flexibly with first-party data, including authenticated user data, and industry identity solutions, alongside modelled and contextual solutions, support for browser-provided frameworks, technology that enables ad serving without personal data, and AT&T-backed data capabilities to help advertisers execute audience-based buying across screens.

Ewa Maciukiewicz, Senior Director, Product Management at Xandr, said: “Our end-to-end platform uniquely meets the needs of our global client base as well as the broader industry, while maintaining high respect for consumer privacy. Xandr has taken a thoughtful and methodical approach to helping our clients navigate complex regulatory landscapes, while achieving business objectives. It is critical we continue to ensure holistic reach across relevant audiences, seamless measurement and insights to support attribution.”

Xandr has also announced its plan to support the Unified ID 2.0 solution, netID solution, and LiveRamp Authenticated Identity Infrastructure, with the aim of allowing planning, targeting, segmentation and measurement of digital campaigns with authenticated IDs on the Xandr Invest and Xandr Monetize platforms. A champion of collaboration and innovation across RTB and Prebid, Xandr has long-supported industry initiatives that promote trust, transparency and consumer consent.

Dennis Buchheim, President of IAB Tech Lab, commented: “Xandr has a history of contributing time and energy to the development and adoption of industry standards with IAB Tech Lab, particularly in its leadership on privacy, data protection, and supply chain transparency. We’re excited to see Xandr lean into standards as they take more public steps to contribute to Tech Lab’s Addressability, Accountability and Global Privacy work.”

On Xandr’s platform, buyers will be able to utilise their identity providers of choice to drive targeting and frequency capping strategies across scaled inventory, meeting campaign objectives across private and open marketplace transactions in one of the largest omnichannel, global supply exchanges. Publishers will be able to leverage their first-party IDs and industry ID solutions across deal types in ad requests in order to monetize inventory without cookies or device IDs.

Xandr is a client of Bluestripe Communications, owned by Bluestripe Group, the owner of NDA