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Beauty shoppers are demanding more personalisation

There is an increasing desire for personalisation within the beauty market, with the majority of consumers feeling that retailers don’t have an understanding of what they are looking for, according to research from Red Ant.

The survey found that 74% of today’s beauty shoppers agree that retailers don’t have enough information about them and what they like, while 18% of that group believe that retailers are more focused on just selling products rather than catering to the needs of the consumer.

The top five bits of information that consumers would like beauty brands to find out about them are their skin type and problem areas, budget, purchase history, colour preferences and palettes, and general customer history. And learning these things can only be seen as a benefit for the brand, with 53% of those surveyed buying beauty products at least once a month and 51% seeing them as a necessity they can’t live without.

“To identify what consumers understand about data-driven customer experiences, we asked our respondents how they felt about retailers’ ability to make the right recommendations for them,” said Sarah Friswell, CEO at Red Ant.

“Beauty shoppers want brands to do the work for them and advise suitable products for their skin and skin tone. For the first time, cosmetics for men has been raised as an area for consideration, with a focus on their need to be seen, heard and made welcome as part of the shopping experience. Retailers looking to engage customers across the ever-broadening spectrum of beauty shoppers should be ready to elevate their in-store experiences with comprehensive clienteling and intelligent insight which will deliver the personal touch for every customer at every stage.”