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Sophie Strong: Why agencies are an in-house team’s biggest ally

In-housing is often thought to be a driver of innovation, data control and cost-saving. In-housing remains a key agenda for marketers as a recent report from Kepler consultancy showed. Looking at over 150 senior marketers from leading brands, over half of those surveyed are considering taking all aspects of their media investment capability in-house.


Patrick Collister: Bantering brands

Patrick Collister, NDA’s monthly creative columnist, is the Curator of The Caples Awards, Editor of Directory and a friend to


Sophie Strong: Gaming is more mainstream than you think

Gaming has become more mainstream than ever before. There are a host of statistics about the scale of the audience base, but also the wide-ranging traits and demographics this gaming community holds. There has never been a greater moment for brands to start thinking about how to authentically inject themselves into this highly engaged, wide reaching community of gamers.


Deborah Harper: Why we need representation in data

Although we’re surrounded by a plethora of audience data, using it ethically and meaningfully tends to be a more significant challenge. From a media insights point of view, the ethical use of data to reach under-represented audiences, who usually have protected characteristics, can end up excluding a valuable audience from receiving brand messages.


Adam Chugg: Cookieless solutions for driving growth in a downturn 

WARC is predicting that global ad spend will slow to 2.6% in 2023 and cited that social media companies were expected to bear the brunt of the slowdown. At the same time, the industry at large is talking about media inflation across channels. 


Two Tribes went to Cannes

For those of you lucky enough to go to Cannes back in June, which Cannes Lions festival did you go to?