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Upcoming events

Summer Trinity Lunch - 9th June, 2023

This year’s Summer Trinity Lunch is on Friday 9th May in the fabulous One Moorgate Place. Join us for a lunch which brings the trinity of publishing, Adtech and media together in one room. No speeches, no sales pitches, just networking with a great selection of our industry’s finest.

Foresight - 27th September, 2023

As thoughts turn from this year’s execution to next year’s planning, understanding what the year ahead holds is vital to ensuring an effective strategy. NDA Foresight is an event that will tackle four of the biggest topics in adtech and media that will dominate the year ahead.

Media Pride - 14th September 2023

NDA is at the forefront of driving diversity and inclusion in our industry. Media Pride is a content and events initiative that will provide a space for discussion and debate around LGBTQIA+ issues in our industry. Our Media Pride lunch will celebrate the amazing people in this community and their allies. 

Trinity Lunch North - 5th October, 2023

We bring our legendary Trinity Lunch series to Manchester for the second time and bring together the industry for an afternoon of brilliant networking.

Catalyst innovation event in London. Taking place on November 8th. The background is a deep purple with symbols that resemble cogs and gears.

Catalyst - 8th November, 2023

Catalyst is our new innovation showcase, bringing to the forefront the most innovative technology from across media & advertising. Through panels, interactive sessions and demonstrations, the event is dedicated not just to highlighting the most exciting innovations in our industry today, but to examining the very concept of innovation itself. Join us on the 8th of November

Winter Trinity Lunch - 17th November, 2023

The original Trinity Lunch which is now seen as the digital media industry’s kick-off for Christmas. Join 200 of your industry peers on 17th November in London.