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The NDA Publishing Roundtable 2: Proving the value exchange crucial to authentication

With third-party cookies going away, the industry has been working hard to find ways that it can continue to be effective in a world without easy access to consumer data. For publishers, there are a number of strategies that they could potentially be adopting, one of which focuses on authenticated first-party data.

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The NDA Roundtable PART TWO: Exploring the next generation of native advertising

NDA recently held a roundtable, in partnership with Adyoulike, to discuss the ‘Next Generation of Native Advertising. In this piece (the first writeup is here), we hear from attendees Matt Canner, Business Director at Performics @ Starcom; Liting Spalding, Head of Audience Planning and Programmatic at Havas; Matt Bushby, Head of Programmatic at Zenith; Sophie Strong, Head of Display and Social at Wavemaker UK; and Adyoulike Commercial Director, Kevin Sewell.