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How Heartstopper got it right: ways to improve marketing to LGBT community 

The pink pound is estimated to be worth £6 billion per year in the UK alone. It still sometimes feels that brands are competing for this section of the market but have missed the mark when it comes to accurately communicating and making the LGBT community feel connected to the brand.

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How data is fueling the creator economy

More than 50 million people around the globe now consider themselves creators. And despite its infancy – the creator economy was born only a decade ago – it’s already valued at over £78.1 billio


Lifting the lid on CTV’s progression – what can we expect this year?

For many years, TV has grappled with how best to measure audiences. Traditional linear TV is in decline, with most consumers now moving towards streaming services. To continue to reach the audience metrics, the industry needs to move towards ad-supported versions of services such as Netflix and NOW TV.