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Why your data scientists should be using a clean room

The age of consumer privacy has wreaked havoc on how data can be used across a variety of use cases, from marketing through to inventory management to financial modeling, writes Luca Bocchiardi of Cuebiq…


Have telcos reached a streaming equilibrium? 

As the big technology giants invest heavily into new content and services to expand their digital audiences, what role can the telcos and traditional pay-TV operators play moving forward? Eamonn Armstrong of MediaKind explores the issues…


The power of competitive email intelligence

Marketing email is fertile ground for demonstrating the need for competitive intelligence – and providing the means for its delivery, writes John Landsman of SparkPost…


Bridging the gap between design & development

The design industry has evolved rapidly over the last 20 years thanks, in no small part, to digital innovation. Back when Curious launched in 2002, computers still came with large boxes bolted to their back, the iPhone was still five years away from launch, and my role of Digital Creative Director didn’t exist.