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New Business Bulletin: Boldspace, Tappx, OkularID and many more

Men’s clothing brand Charles Tyrwhitt has chosen Boldspace’s proprietary data and analytics platform BoldLensTM to organise, consolidate and streamline their view of commercial performance from brand activity. BoldLensTM is a data and analytics platform that tracks all brand communications activity across PR, advertising, and marketing against a broad range of commercial KPIs, visible in real-time. BoldLensTM will help Charles Tyrwhitt view a constant snapshot of growth by tracking all brand activity in one accessible platform against a broad range of growth metrics including sales revenue, traffic, engagement, organic branded search, press coverage, social mentions, and sentiment. The platform will help track, measure and consolidate some traditionally more intangible, harder-to-pinpoint areas such as share of voice, out-of-home (OOH) advertising effectiveness, brand awareness, and consideration against specific competitors. 

Tappx, a global AdTech company, proudly announces the launch of Techsoulogy, a new corporate brand that unifies a broad portfolio of companies powering solutions for digital advertising, video content, mobile apps and video gaming across mobile, desktop, and CTV platforms. The launch of Techsoulogy coincides with the 9th birthday of Tappx, which has grown rapidly since 2013 to reach 70 staff, and is forecast to surpass EUR 20 million of revenue this year. Tappx will now become part of the Techsoulogy brand while retaining its own name and unique position in the market. This is a major milestone in the company’s story, providing coherence of branding and messaging to a set of companies that have been launched or acquired by Tappx in recent years, with a total headcount approaching 100. Alongside Tappx, Techsoulogy will be the corporate brand for four other companies focused on multiple complementary media and entertainment verticals including video generation and monetization, contextual advertising, and mobile game development. Each has been brought under the coherent messaging architecture and visual brand identity, with their own subtle twists. The Techsoulogy brand identity was defined with the help of Collaborabrands, and brought to life with words from Fernando Beltrán, visuals from Comuniza, and digital ecosystem development from Branng. Future brands entering the group will also be part of the consistent identity. 

OkularID, the world’s first biometric-based data privacy solution, has joined the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) community to contribute its knowledge and expertise in keeping online communication, information and transactions protected and private. OkularID offers a unique digital identity management platform to authenticate and validate user credentials in the digital space. It is promoted by Aikaki Limited, a UK based company that is focused on developing a user-centric digital identity wallet enabling users to share their credentials, digital assets and securely sign documents. Driven by a strong belief in the interoperability of digital IDs, the newest member to the OIX community will contribute valuable insight as the digital space expands to help ensure wallets are compatible, integrate seamlessly and offer ‘passwordless’ access to digital assets. 

Trainline has partnered with RÆBURN to create a bespoke track-suit inspired by the prints found on train seats across the UK. The track-suits have been launched by dancer, presenter and content creator Perri Kiely who was the first to wear the design. Research by Trainline reveals that two-thirds (68%) of 18–24-year-olds believe that being seen to follow a sustainable lifestyle is a ‘badge of honour’. In response to this, the track-suit has been designed to give travellers a way to demonstrate their pride in choosing to travel by train, which creates 70% less CO2 on average compared to travelling by car. As a founder of a brand empowering sustainable choices, British fashion designer Christopher Raeburn is known for reworking surplus fabrics to create his designs. For this collaboration, Raeburn created a bespoke moquette, taking inspiration from the bold graphic patterns seen on train seats across the UK. The limited run of track-suits have been made using ‘deadstock’ material, and have been created and produced to ensure minimal impact on the environment. Trainline has chosen to donate 100% of the proceeds from this partnership to WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). When purchasing a track-suit, customers will also receive a promotional code (of the same value as the track-suit) entitling them to a free digital railcard (up to three-year – RRP £70) to help them to continue to make more sustainable travel choices.

ShowHeroes Group has announced its new Better Media Framework for its core brand, ShowHeroes. In an industry-first move, ShowHeroes is holding the digital ecosystem accountable by committing to only working with partners who align and adhere to the Better Media principles going into 2023. Building on ShowHeroes Group’s core values, Better Media serves as a roadmap to structure and guide the company’s efforts in digital sustainability. It enables the brand to continue producing outstanding results for its publishers, advertisers, and end users, while positively impacting the environment, local communities, employees, and the wider world.

The latest Global Media Landscape report, launched by GWI, reveals the current picture of how consumers spend their media time. A key finding from the flagship report is how s-commerce may be the new wave of the future as social media usages continue to develop and evolve to meet consumer demands. Consumers around the world now use social channels for shopping, catching up on the news, finding and researching the products they buy, and watching TV. The report finds that YouTube has become the new media norm for young consumers, with 80% of Gen Z and 73% of Millennials globally using the platform for watching TV. Some other key stats show social media is the dominant channel for the news – 58% of consumers in Q2 2022 globally consumed news via social media. TV viewing habits are more competitive than ever – when it comes to TV viewing, it’s no longer a simple case of linear vs online TV battling it out for consumers’ attention. Global internet users still favour live TV (91%) and subscription services (73%) but video and social platforms such as YouTube are gaining traction here too, especially among younger generations. YouTube is the new media norm for young consumers globally, with 80% of Gen Z and 73% of Millennials using the platform for watching TV. Move over ecommerce, s-commerce has arrived – since 2015, the number of people using social media for product searches has risen by 43%. There’s been a 7% increase in TikTok users who follow brand accounts since Q4 2020 and among users of the platform, 46% of Gen Z and Millennials admit to making an impulse purchase online at least every 2-3 weeks.

Audiencerate, the identity hub enabling data-driven advertising, has announced a partnership with Equativ, an independent ad monetisation and curation platform. The partnership enables buy-side clients and data owners to harness the combined power of data targeting and premium cross-publisher inventory to deliver tailored addressable advertising. By activating Audiencerate’s proprietary data via Equativ’s Buyer Connect digital ad curation platform, advertisers will be able to layer audience segments across premium publisher inventory. This allows them to utilise additional campaign targeting and optimisation capabilities, to maximise media investment and campaign performance, by reaching tailored audiences with more relevant ads, based on user behaviour, at scale. In addition, data owners with access to the Audiencerate data onboarding platform can leverage the integration to seamlessly onboard, market and monetise their data via the Equativ curation platform, among a variety of other demand-side platforms (DSPs) and supply-side platforms (SSPs). The integration between Audiencerate and Equativ establishes a direct data bridge between the two platforms to ensure fast and simple data onboarding, driving efficient programmatic campaign activation.

Fluent Commerce, the cloud software company, has been appointed by Kingfisher, the international home improvement company, to deploy its Order Management System (OMS) which will support the Group’s online retail business and enhance customer experience.  Fluent Commerce’s solution offers unprecedented flexibility, and enables a centralised view of inventory across locations, enabling Kingfisher to operate seamlessly across its multiple markets and banners. The OMS solution, which will first be rolled out at B&Q, the UK’s most recognisable and trusted home improvement retailer, will allow for greater flexibility in response to changing circumstances or customer demands. With Fluent Commerce’s API-led flexible architecture, the company can quickly make incremental functional changes without any service disruption. Furthermore, Kingfisher and B&Q can now provide consistent product availability to employees and customers for improved order fulfilment, fewer cancelled orders and fewer customer support calls. Integrating the new platform with B&Q’s existing architecture is being led by Valtech in close collaboration with Kingfisher Group, rolled out first in the UK. The team used an innovative approach to deploy Fluent Commerce into the live environment with no downtime or impact to customers, enabling Kingfisher and B&Q to focus on delivering early business value, and continuously improve their ecommerce experience.

Metaverse startup, Hadean, are set to collaborate with Microsoft and power the digital transformation of the defence industrial base with scalable, interoperable, and secure cloud-based military training capabilities. Building on an ongoing business relationship, the new relationship will see Hadean’s metaverse infrastructure integrated with Microsoft Azure to produce fit-for-purpose and robust solutions that can rapidly cut through data and deliver impactful outcomes for customers across government agencies, defence contractors and the Armed Forces. With proven compatibility, Hadean will further enhance Microsoft’s value add to customers, accelerate innovation, and empower defence simulation with next-generation cloud-powered solutions for cross-domain integration, rapid data-driven decision making and improved resilience.

Jewellery brand Pandora has chosen RISE with SAP as one of the solutions to support their ambitious digital journey and serve as part of the foundation for their future growth. Pandora designs, manufactures and markets contemporary jewellery at affordable prices and has an ambitious growth strategy in place, which will be fully implemented by 2026. The Phoenix strategy is built around four growth pillars: brand, design, personalisation and core markets – all centred around the overall objective for Pandora to be the largest and most desirable brand in the affordable jewellery market. Their growth ambitions are in turn enabled by a holistic digitalisation strategy spanning across Pandora operations. One of its key elements is to establish a new, lean digital core with SAP S/4HANA Cloud as the company’s new ERP system.