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commercetools Frontend launched to help businesses leverage composable tech

commercetools, a leading provider of composable commerce, has launched commercetools Frontend, a FaaS solution that enables businesses to compose and deliver digital websites and applications. With its extensive ready-to-use APIs, commercetools Frontend aims to help businesses gain all the advantages of implementing headless commerce such as unlimited customization, freedom to experiment, and scalability, without sacrificing time to market.

To remain competitive in ecommerce, businesses must be able to experiment, pivot, adapt and customize their experiences faster than ever without friction. With the capabilities of Frontend, customers are able to rapidly deploy rich marketing and merchandising experiences for their shoppers, all within a headless architecture.

Michael Sharp, Chief Product Officer at commercetools, said: “We invest in advancing flexible, fast, and agile technologies and this includes our acquisition of Frontastic. With commercetools Frontend, brands will have the ability to build new pages in minutes, new features in hours, and launch in new regions in a matter of days,” said  “We’re proud to continue innovating and engineering rich end-customer experiences through the enablement of customizable commerce infrastructures at scale.”

Enterprises from varying industries across the globe – including flaconi, Lakrids by Bülow, Tom Tailor, and CHRONEXT– are currently using Frontend to manufacture distinct customer experiences. The marketing team at flaconi, a European leading online beauty retailer, uses Frontend to build dynamic, visually appealing web pages while the company’s technical team focuses on new component development. As a result, flaconi is able to support 50 million API calls per day and more than 100,000 SKUs, all while ensuring a smooth peak order uptake of 300 orders per minute.

Paired with commercetools Composable Commerce, Frontend gives brands and retailers the ability to create and deliver digital storefronts quickly and efficiently while continuously innovating their commerce architecture without limits.

commercetools Frontend can utilise additional functionalities through integrations with technology partners such as Algolia, Contentful, Adyen, ZineOne, Klarna and Klevu, and is also available in prepackaged solutions, known as accelerators, developed and owned by several commercetools system integration partners including Vaimo, Orium and Mindcurv.