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My Ecommerce Hero: Ottokar Rosenberger

My Ecommerce Hero is a series celebrating brilliance in ecommerce, in association with, an initiative from Entropy‘s Alex Tait to encourage more female speakers at industry events.

Ottokar Rosenberger is COO at cruise and ski specialist Before this he was CMO at Hostelworld Group, and previously worked for companies including P&G, Rated People and eHarmony.

Who is your ecommerce hero?

Marek Mossakowski, VP Marketing, Threads Styling.

What has he done to win hero status in your eyes?

Demonstrated numerous times how to build world-class brands in a highly performance-driven environment, having fun along the way and always producing outstanding creative! 

How has his heroism helped drive ecommerce?

The market has levelled recently, moving from pure brand-driven businesses to performance. The brands that are winning have a balance of both across the entire product experience.

Marek has helped drive brand experience through many touchpoints along a customer journey.

What is the biggest challenges in ecommerce we need another hero to solve?

The role of a marketer is arguably one of the broadest disciplines in today’s age. The breadth of skill set is enormous, now often including production and in-house studio capabilities.

Yet, CMOs are not represented well at board level. We need superstars to continue to keep knocking on this door.

What is your most heroic personal achievement so far in ecommerce?

Moving Hostelworld’s   customer to the app, now the main channel for booking.

Is there a diversity problem in ecommerce and how can we best address it if so?

There is a diversity problem across the board in companies.

The simple way to fix this is just to hire more people from diverse backgrounds and close the gender pay gap.