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My Ecommerce Hero: Nestle Data Lead Liz Salway

Liz Salway is Global Audience and Data Lead for Digital Centre of Competencies at Nestle. She previously worked at companies including Tradedoubler, PubMatic and Mindshare.

Who is your ecommerce hero?

Jon Mayo of Inpowered

What has he done to win hero status in your eyes?

Jon and Inpowered truly understand how to blend content into generating outcomes for brands, by using technology to drive users through the funnel to ultimately convert.

How has his heroism helped drive ecommerce?  

By understanding and being able to translate the discipline of content marketing and paid media into a meaningful and effective method of engaging users with a brand which more effectively drives conversion. 

What are the biggest challenges in ecommerce we need another hero to solve?

Easily the fact that ecommerce as a department is still not truly connected to the rest of paid media. 

Within the CPG space, the relationship between the customer (retailer) and the brand has a very different dynamic than when it comes to eRetail.

In addition, the fact that sales are being driven by these third-party retailers divorces the brands from the consumer relationship and the relative difficulty in getting insights that help to drive consumer understanding in order to build up a clearer picture of your consumer. 

What is your most heroic personal achievement so far in ecommerce?

My digital experience is rooted in performance and so ultimately for me it’s about helping to drive business outcomes for brands. 

I suppose I am most proud of the fact that trading teams I have run always met sales objective goals for clients we have worked with and that brands could invest spend knowing we were driving ROAS on their behalf.  

Is there a diversity problem in ecommerce and how can we best address it if so?

Honestly not that I have seen.  Diversity challenges certainly exist in digital media as a whole but certainly initiatives like Alex’s truly address this in a way talking alone does not.  

My Ecommerce Hero is a series celebrating brilliance in ecommerce, in association with, an initiative from Entropy‘s Alex Tait to encourage more female speakers at industry events.