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Persil and Sky Nature hope to inspire young people with new ‘Changemakers’ series

Persil and Sky Nature have launched their new ‘Changemakers’ short film series, which aims to inspire young people to take action on the social and environmental issues they care about, fronted by TV personality and choreographer Ashley Banjo.

The campaign will feature across various platforms including TV, VOD and Short Form VOD which includes Sky’s YouTube channels, with Persil using Sky’s AdSmart audience data,

The series is part of the Persil ‘Dirt Is Good’ Project, which aims to unite young people who want to roll-up their sleeves and help create a better world.

The short film series will be hosted on Sky Nature (VOD and linear) and the TVCs will be shown across all Sky owned channels until the end of August. Each short film is told from the perspective of a young person and shows how simple actions on environmental issues can make a big difference to individuals and their communities. The series aims to showcase the range of different causes that young people can get involved with, highlighting that everyone can play a role. The first creative shows young changemaker, 13-year-old Will, express his passion for wildlife as he shares what he is doing to help prevent the loss of our natural spaces.

Recent research by Persil found the reason young people aren’t fighting for causes they believe in is not because they don’t care, but because they think no one else does. The Persil Changemaker series with Sky Nature and AdSmart from Sky is launching to inspire young people to start taking action together and recognise that many others share their values.

Ashley Banjo hopes the series can have a positive impact on their mental well-being, their community and the planet. He said: “Children today have many real fears about the world they are growing up in and they feel alone when dealing with this anxiety. But when young people take action on issues they care about, this has a positive impact on their mental well-being and helps to overcome the fears about the world.”

Three 30 second adverts will encourage viewers to watch the series’ full-length episodes on Video on Demand (VoD). The campaign will feature across various platforms including TV, VOD and Short Form VOD which includes Sky’s YouTube channels.

Using AdSmart’s audience data, Persil has also identified the most relevant audience for the campaign, targeting households who show eco-friendly behaviours such as being keen recyclers. As well as targeting this audience, it also aims to convert others into making conscious environmental decisions and taking action accordingly. With this audience tactically identified for targeting, the campaign will run across a clean sweep of Sky Media wholly-owned channels, all presented together by Sky Nature.

Sarah Jones, Director of Planning, Sky Media, said: “Persil is a strong advocate for sustainability and that aligns perfectly with Sky’s wider commitment to a better future, so we’re delighted to pair them up with Sky Nature for its first licensing agreement. Our platforms and capabilities will ensure Persil’s message reaches the right households to drive real behavioral change and increase resonance with their core audience.”

Karen Lewis, Persil Marketing Manager, commented: “Persil has always supported parents on their journey of raising children, no matter how messy the process! We know that young children want to take action on the social and environmental issues they care about, and our role is to inspire families to act on the issues which are important to them. So whether a big or small step, one taken in the home or in their community, we want to encourage young people to roll up their sleeves and be ‘changemakers’. Not only is this beneficial to children’s mental well-being, but we know that by taking action together we can have a bigger impact on the world around us.”

Persil recently announced the launch of its new liquid formulation in packaging that is 100% recyclable, made using recycled plastic, and is boosted with effective plant-based stain removers and biodegradable ingredients. The re-launch is part of Unilever’s new ‘Clean Future’ strategy and ambition to eliminate fossil fuels in their cleaning and laundry formulations by 2030, replacing them with 100% renewable or recycled carbon.

The Persil and Sky Nature campaign was created by Sky Media Creative Solutions and produced by Recipe. It runs from 22 February until 31 August 2021.