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Sprayway boosts orders using Patchworks BI 

Outdoor brand Sprayway has improved its customer experience and business performance by using predictive analytics from Patchworks BI – boosting orders almost a third (31%).

The high-performance outdoor wear and accessories specialist, which celebrates 50 years in business next year, has a strong presence on the UK high street and a growing online proposition. Despite its success, Sprayway was facing the major boom in the ecommerce industry and finding itself with more competition to engage those into outdoor activities like walking, hillwalking and hiking. The popularity of hillwalking alone is highlighted in Sport England’s ‘Active Lives’ survey, which reveals 2.8 million Brits now regularly hill walk.

Added to this, the pandemic had accelerated consumer focus on brands with a strong online presence that delivered consistently great experiences in bricks and mortar stores. This meant Sprayway was looking to differentiate itself by providing outstanding customer experiences for customers wherever they are.

Understanding the need for greater insight, Sprayway used Patchworks BI to make meaningful business decisions based on data to improve its marketing strategy, which saw total visitors to Sprayway’s website surge by 58 percent. Patchworks’ powerful insights have driven orders up almost a third (31 percent) over a twelve month period.

Sprayway first needed a powerful website and marketing strategy which would boost its conversions, and for this they brought on board Patchworks’ partner, ecommerce agency Juno. Standard web analytics tools weren’t enough – it needed something which could connect multiple data sources across the entire enterprise. To deliver this advanced integration across its tech stack and business insight, Juno provided Sprayway with access to Patchworks’ integration platform and business intelligence (BI) tool.

Integrating Patchworks BI with all of its data sets, the brand was immediately able to gain a 360-degree view of its business. This single source of data now provided the retailer with daily information across its entire business. The diverse range of features and reports in Patchworks BI gave Sprayway a trusted approach to monitor its business performance which would allow the brand to make strategic, informed decisions to convert and retain customers. In Patchworks BI it also gained a management level reporting tool which allowed it, not only to view daily reports, but help the team manage processes. 

Patchworks BI’s technology and technical experts have given Sprayway data-driven intelligence for future approaches, with predictive analytics that lets its marketing, digital and customer experience leaders view data in context across its entire business. This means Sprayway can view past campaigns and analyse the success of its end-to-end approach, from its social media strategy to effectively optimising the fulfilment operation through order and inventory management reports.

Ian Christian, Brand Director at Sprayway said: “Using Patchworks BI solution has brought us together as a business, both in process and vision. In compiling data from our systems, Patchworks has elevated our ability to build frictionless customer journeys and visualise the data we have at hand. With the constant accurate insights of Patchworks BI, our teams are empowered with the right data to identify and improve on areas much more rapidly than before. This trusted data is aligning us as a wider team – it is intrinsically linked to our current success.”

Jim Herbert, CEO at Patchworks said: “. Historically, getting access to real business intelligence in retail was hard.  With all Sprayway’s data running through the Patchworks iPaaS solution, enabling Patchworks’ integrated BI solution was a logical choice to generate strategic data insights to influence and inform business decisions. Ecommerce success is all about understanding how what you’re doing now will impact your business down the line and our BI provides that data quickly and easily. We’re thrilled to be working with Sprayway to enable them to make those data-driven decisions that can generate real business value.”