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Tech For Good:

The tech world often shows it’s best side in times of crisis. NDA’s new series showcases those companies and the solutions that they are building.

In a pandemic, the frontline extends to the supermarket aisles: queuing is now officially a public health hazard. LineScouts is a very simple app which helps you do your civic duty at the touch of a button. By rating the busyness of your shopping experience on the platform, users can do their bit to keep the vulnerable and elderly in their community up to date and help them to shop in less busy environments.

LineScouts aggregates supermarket busyness score based on data from Google and crowd-sourced reports from ‘Line Scouts’, those who are actually seeing and experiencing the queues.

Queues in front of each supermarket are represented by colours – red if very busy, yellow if busy, green if not busy and dark purple if no data is available.

LineScouts was built by d.labs, a lean innovation studio from London, UK, and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

CEO and Founder of d.labs, Jaka Levstek told us ‘ We put this out knowing it’s far from perfect, but speed is more important today. We’re going to continue to improve the app, so would warmly appreciate any comments/ideas.

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