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GroupM awarded IAB UK’s Gold Standard Certification 2.1

GroupM UK has been awarded with the Gold Standard Certification 2.1 from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), becoming on of the first to be awarded the updated certification.

The Gold Standard brings several industry initiatives together to create a better and more-secure digital advertising ecosystem by dealing with issues around ad fraud, brand safety and user experience in addition to GDPR. compliance.

The latest version of the standard includes additional criteria to reinforce end-to-end transparency within the digital advertising supply chain.

GroupM was one of the first holding groups to attain both the 1.0 Gold Standard Certification in January 2018 and the 2.0 Gold Standard Certification in September 2020.

Alex Thomas, Senior Brand Safety & Quality Manager, GroupM U.K. & EMEA, said: “By enhancing accountability within the programmatic supply chain, the new criteria of IAB’s Gold Standard will benefit the digital advertising ecosystem in its entirety. Strengthening transparency within the supply chain is unquestionably a priority for our industry.

I am proud that GroupM has shown full commitment and support across the additional standards, such as Buyers.Json and DemandChain Object, and are working towards driving a more transparent ecosystem and building trust in the advertising industry”.