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My Media Hero: Elizabeth Anyaegbuna, Cofounder, Sixteenbynine

Elizabeth Anyaegbuna is Cofounder of Sixteenbynine – a TV and video centred media planning, buying and production agency backed by Goodstuff. Before launching Sixteenbynine , she worked at broadcasters including Sky Media, Viacom, Turner & A+E Networks.

She also recently co launched Black Corner – a business directory, marketing, and mentoring support platform specifically for Black owner businesses.She is a member and mentors for MEFA and Bloom UK and Creative Access  and recently set up Bloom in colour – a network within Bloom representing WoC.

Who is your media hero?

Christopher Kenna, Founder & CEO of Brand Advance plus loads of other accolades.

What has be done to win hero status in your eyes?

Chris’s back story growing up, sustaining a serious injury while serving in the army, his challenges as a black and gay man are inspiring.

He set up Brand Advance – a diversity driven marketing agency that educates brands helping them reach diverse groups such as black, LGBTQ+ and older demos.

Initially met with resistance, his determination and passion are now paying off.

A visionary with refreshing candour and humility – very heroic.

How has his heroism helped drive media?

The events of 2020 are driving the message media of a need for diversity if a brand wants to effectively reach all people- diversity matters. Black, Asian and minority groups have a reported spending power of £300bn in the UK.

Chris has said that LGBTQ+ consumers spend billions and yet he still educates on the need to market outside of Pride month. Chris set up Brand Advance when diversity in marketing was not in the forefront.

Brand Advance is now centre stage – guiding brands to effectively speak to and target a diverse audience.

What is the biggest challenges in media we need another hero to solve?

Focus on retaining and progressing diverse talent in adland.

The 2019 IPA Census reported a drop in employees from an ethnic minority including in C suite roles at 4.7%.

What is your most heroic personal achievement so far in media?

Taking a leap of faith and Co-founding Sixteenbynine – one hell of a ride with Brexit and COVID but we’re still standing.

My Media Hero

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