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NDA Agency News: VaynerMedia EMEA, MediaCom North, Wavemaker and more

Rise365, a community interest company aimed at supporting young people, has partnered with VaynerMedia EMEA to raise awareness of the ongoing adultification and over-sexualisation of young black girls. Following the case of Child Q, an unlawful and inhumane strip-search of a young black child in Hackney, Rise365 briefed agencies to create a campaign highlighting the issues around this in modern-day society. VaynerMedia created an integrated campaign consisting of social media content, a short-film and OOH work supported by Clear Channel, who have donated free advertising space across locations in East London. It features thought-provoking imagery of young black girls carrying protest signs, sharing their aspirations and asking to be seen, loved and cared for. The message “Child Q is a child” aims to show that young black girls need to receive the protection and nurturing that every child deserves.

Save the Children has launched its multi-channel campaign for Christmas Jumper Day 2022 – set to be its biggest yet as the UK government pledges to double donations. Now in its 11th year, Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day prompts millions of people around the UK to don their jazziest jumpers in exchange for a £2 donation to the charity. This year Christmas Jumper Day will take place on Thursday 8th December and Save the Children’s campaign is encouraging people to make it a team effort by signing up via its site for additional support in getting workplaces, schools, and friends and family involved. For the first time, it has also been chosen for the government’s UK Aid Match scheme that provides grants to UK based Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) for poverty reduction projects in developing countries. For every £2 donated by the public the UK government will also contribute £2 of UK aid, up to £2 million, to help the charity’s projects go further in changing and saving lives. As Save the Children’s media communications partner, Manchester-based MediaCom North is managing the media placement for the fourth year, and has implemented a new strategy that aims to maximise reach to relevant audiences travelling to schools and workplaces during the next four weeks, in the run up to the big day.

Wavemaker has been selected by Avon Cosmetics to drive brand and sales growth. The decision follows a competitive three-month pitch which saw Wavemaker win the account from incumbent, Croud. A pioneer in relationship selling, Avon is a much-loved beauty brand with an impressive heritage spanning more than 135 years. However, it is now operating in an increasingly competitive and fast-paced category. Wavemaker’s role will be to restore and consolidate its foothold as a leader in the beauty sector. Towards this goal, the agency’s media strategy will continue to emphasise the importance of relationship selling in helping customers access beauty products while elevating additional avenues that facilitate further purchases. As part of this, Wavemaker will work closely with Avon to create a frictionless, platform-agnostic purchase journey that puts the control in the hands of the consumer. This will grow both Representative and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) sales and, ultimately, awareness and consideration of the brand overall. 

B2B marketing specialist alan. has won a four-way competitive pitch to be appointed by IG Prime, one of the leading prime brokerage firms, for an upcoming global campaign. alan. will create a distinctive multi-channel campaign and marketing strategy targeting brokers and emerging fund managers, differentiating IG Prime within its B2B market. alan. will roll out a fresh & distinctive brand concept and campaign executions across digital, social media and traditional media channels with a central theme around the compelling idea of confidence and reassurance. The campaign is due to go live in early 2023

Lacoste, one of Coty’s leading fragrance brands, will launch its latest campaign, Lacoste Superheroes, with a two-day experiential pop-up and sampling activity at Westfield London this weekend, 19th & 20th November. The experiential pop-up will feature an AR element and a Lacoste Superhero photobooth, instantly spotlighting participants in real-time on the big screens located around Westfield London. When players sign up, they’ll automatically receive two NFTs alongside a virtual wallet. They can then launch the game in AR mode and gain access to a virtual map allowing them to scan the area to find a virtual prize box location. By locating NFT drops on the virtual treasure hunt, participants unlock interactive AR experiences linked to prizes, including vouchers to Boots and The Perfume Shop, Lacoste sampling, gift packs, full sized fragrances and more. NFTs will be available nation-wide, so everyone can join the treasure hunt and receive a Christmas gift from Lacoste. This campaign targets Gen Z, 16–34-year old’s, who expect more from brands than just a product, such as offering an immersive experience. Media planning and buying was developed by Zenith UK, and the campaign includes a full funnel activation of social media, online video, influencer marketing, and retail POS which aims to bring Lacoste Superheroes campaign to life and cut through the Christmas fragrance noise in the lead up to this holiday season. By bringing this fun and immersive experience to life through the playful element of gamification, Lacoste will interact with consumers at the intersection of digital and real life to bring online, offline.

MODHealth, a female-led, female-driven agency, was recently hired by global healthcare company Organon to help promote the company’s vision of a better and healthier every day for every woman with the creation of the “Through Her Eyes” spot. Organon is committed to delivering innovation, improving access, and expanding choice to help address therapeutic gaps around the world, and ultimately improve the lives of women and their communities globally. The video vividly illustrates one of Organon’s core purposes; to help women and girls reach their full potential by working for greater gender parity in healthcare. The powerful “Through Her Eyes” spot depicts a little girl maturing and pursuing her aspirations, and concludes with a diverse group of women saying, ‘I see’ in multiple languages. The film emphasizes that a woman’s life should be whatever she imagines it to be, demonstrating that quality healthcare access, coupled with Organon’s strategic approach to women’s health, provides a solid foundation. The spot will be shown in a variety of countries, highlighting the fact that health is not a one-size-fits-all concept and varies based on cultural and regional factors.

Creative agency ELVIS has announced a strategic partnership with data specialist and fellow Next 15 Group agency Planning-inc, which will deliver next-generation, creatively-driven CRM for new and existing clients. The new relationship brings together ELVIS, a B Corp-certified, multi-award-winning creative agency that works with some of the world’s most ambitious brands, and Planning-inc, a leading CRM agency that helps brands turn first-party data into real competitive advantage. Working together, ELVIS and Planning-inc will leverage unexpected and unforgettable creativity, powered by intelligent data science, to drive long term value creation throughout the whole customer journey. The partnership will harness Planning-inc’s proprietary customer data platform, Unilyze. The platform brings together on- and offline data from hundreds of data sources, eliminating the silos that prevent brands from creating meaningful customer experiences. Unilyze integrates with brands’ existing tech stacks and communications channels to drive relevant experiences at every customer touchpoint.

Pearn Kandola, the business psychology consultancy, has appointed Clarity, the global marketing communications agency, to support its communications efforts. The agency is working with Pearn Kandola to raise the organisation’s profile and boost awareness of its Diversity & Inclusion services and digital solutions. Pearn Kandola is a business psychology consultancy specialising in assessment, development and diversity. Based in Oxford, its clients include private, public and voluntary sector organisations in the UK and globally, including BT, HSBC and Cisco.

Hull-based agency Assured Marketing has been shortlisted at the upcoming 2022 UK Search Awards. After a transformative twelve months in which the agency picked up a regional award with the Yorkshire Digital Knowledge Exchange, Assured Marketing is now ending its second year with national recognition at the UK Search Awards. Specialising in search engine optimisation (SEO), paid search advertising and web design, the team at Assured Marketing continues to steadily grow as a result of acquiring new clients and creating additional jobs for local marketing professionals in Hull and East Yorkshire. The agency has been nominated for a campaign created for fellow Hull business Astor Film Productions, which brought a 747% boost in visibility and enabled the video production company to expand into four more locations across the UK.

Looking ahead to the winter of football about to kick off, the well-loved dairy brand, Müller, has launched ‘Full On’, the brand’s first Müller Rice advertising campaign in five years. Inspired by the iconic 90’s song by Vanilla Ice, Müller Rice has teamed up with footballer, Declan Rice, and together will be re-working the anthem and raising awareness for the nation’s much-loved rice pudding and repositioning it as the perfect on the go snack for busy young men and women looking to get the most out of their days. To bring their brand promise to life, Müller has engaged one of the highest profile sportsmen, Declan Rice, as its brand ambassador. Declan is renowned as a playful, energetic and spirited part of every team he plays for, so who better to represent Müller Rice as the tasty snack that packs a punch? The campaign will roll out across multiple formats including DOOH, radio and social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok for a period of five weeks. At the heart of the campaign, sits the newly adapted ‘Rice, Rice Baby’ track starring Declan Rice. The Radio execution builds on current day football fan culture, and opens with Declan interrupting the original ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ track with his own ‘Rice, Rice Baby’ version, as he soon rallies a chorus of fans who join him. Similarly, the OOH execution features Declan singing into a large megaphone against a backdrop of bold text reading ‘Rice, Rice Baby’. As part of the campaign, Müller has partnered with LADBible and dedicated social content will roll out across LADbible channels, whilst Müller and VCCP channels will also feature behind the scenes work.

CJ Cheiljedang, Korea’s number one food company, has appointed Art of the Possible as its strategic and creative agency of record for bibigo seaweed snacks, as it prepares to launch the brand across Europe. The appointment follows a four-way competitive pitch. Global Korean food brand bibigo, which already supplies and produces products for many retailers across the UK and Europe, is partnering with Art of the Possible as it seeks to make its first foray as a consumer brand across Europe. Art of the Possible will work closely with the brand to identify and capitalise on the opportunity for the new bibigo range of healthy seaweed snacks, a superfood based on traditional Korean ingredients, in the UK and beyond. The launch will tap into the growing global trend for seaweed consumption, seeking to engage with lovers of Asian food as well as health-conscious consumers and those looking for a tasty alternative to more mundane snacks.The agency is tasked with helping to get bibigo into European retailers, developing the new product positioning, creating a creative platform and launch campaign, and executing across connected TV, out-of-home, digital and experiential channels. The first activity will launch in January 2023. The engagement is the latest in a series of wins for the fast-growing and highly awarded independent creative agency Art of the Possible, which has also picked up work from Bidfood, SUDC and InferSens in recent months.

What’s Possible Group has been awarded Carbon Neutral status and certification after an independent assessment of its carbon footprint over the last six months. The assessment, which was documented by THG Eco and independently verified by MyCarbon, included a review of emissions across scopes one and two, measuring the impact of What’s Possible Group’s buildings and people on the environment through direct and indirect emissions. The Group achieved THG Eco One-Star Company Carbon Neutral Certification.

Fresh dog food delivery service Butternut Box has appointed THRIVE’s Learning & Skills Platform for its rapidly growing team after the company grew from 150 to 600 employees in just two years. The partnership is part of an ambitious expansion vision for the UK-based start-up, which recently scaled up its production capabilities to double capacity and underwent a 50% leap in commercial sales in the last year. Butternut Box, which now has a dedicated team in the Netherlands building the brand’s international market, will use the THRIVE e-learning platform to personalise training and support every individual with tools on the job to continue improving. This is moving away from the more traditional one-size-fits-all classroom training. The THRIVE platform will also provide Butternut Box with smart data to identify what’s working, and where the challenges and opportunities lie in the team’s development. Crucially, it will also help to improve the Butternut Box onboarding process, anticipating the challenges that new employees might have in their first 90 days, surfacing the right content for those needs, ensuring new staff can quickly adapt to a start-up environment and align with the company’s values, and supporting managers with the resource needed to achieve fast growth.

Borkowski has launched a new division dedicated to Metaverse, Web3 and Blockchain clients with an original experience on Roblox and a virtual office and events space in new metaverse In Borkowski’s Roblox experience, a virtual Mark Borkowski gives a guided tour of some of the agency’s greatest publicity stunts and underlines the potential for such creativity to flourish in the metaverse. It was created by Outstanding Move, whose ‘Gucci Garden’ sold over $1M in virtual handbags and whose other projects include Gucci’s permanent Roblox world, as well as work for the likes of Hyundai and Crocs (an experience for which Borkowski also provided a voiceover). Borkowski is currently consulting on the launch of upcoming land-based metaverse, acquiring a plot of land on the ‘island’ and building a virtual office and event space. As well as the upcoming launch of, Borkowski’s other metaverse, Web3 and Blockchain work to date includes launching the first metaverse-only record label Soundr, representing crypto art curator Amir Soleymani, working with drone art company Celestial on their collaboration with EpicGames, and working with experiential studio Immersive on their transition into metaverse experiences for major events, crypto art, and virtual personalities.