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Roku launches TV streaming ad solution

Streaming service Roku has launched an advertising technology solution that connects ad inventory with advertiser demand.

With Roku Exchange, advertisers can combine Roku’s advertising supply with identity data and AI-driven optimisation capabilities, with the aim of making it easier to buy Roku Media and TV streaming ad placements.

“Roku Exchange is the mediation layer that serves ads and enriches impressions, based on Roku data from over tens of millions of streaming households,” said Louqman Parampath, VP of Product Management at Roku. “Engagement on the Roku platform represents around 50 percent of all time spent watching TV streaming in the U.S.** Democratising access to Roku Media, which includes video and native ad formats across the ecosystem for all demand-side partners, brings better results for advertisers while also keeping the consumer’s experience best in class.”

The Exchange, which has been integrated with the Magnite supply side platform, is responsible for supply integrations, fair auction, and ad decisioning. It offers audience-based ad decisioning on Roku Media ad placements, programmatic access to TV streaming inventory and identity data, content signals from the Roku Channel and other TV streaming publishers, and AI optimisation.

“Thanks to our all-encompassing partnership with Roku, we have built an advanced integration and solution enabling Roku Media to be available across the ecosystem,” said Mike Laband, SVP, Platform Revenue at Magnite. “Our integration to provide Roku Media to buyers working with Magnite’s demand facilitation efforts as well as Magnite’s ClearLine and agency marketplace solutions enables more advertisers to invest in programmatic TV streaming.”

According to Roku, demand side platforms – such as The Trad Desk, Google Display & Video 360, and Yahoo DSP – will benefit from the customisation of programmatic signals Roku Exchange can seen to drive Roku Media success.

**Comscore CTV Intelligence, Sept 2023