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NDA Q&A with Adnami Commercial Director UK Steph Miller

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After a challenging year for both brands and consumers, many brand owners will be re-evaluating their 2021 advertising strategies and seeking alternative methods to respond to shifting consumer habits. As we head into 2021, we speak to Adnami Commercial Director UK Steph Miller about keeping momentum, pivoting towards innovative advertising models and future proofing advertising strategies with high impact ad formats.

Why is it so important for brands to pivot to adjust to the current situation?

Whilst 2020 was a year of uncertainty, 2021 provides brands with the opportunity to accelerate their advertising strategies. Advertisers can maintain momentum in 2021 by pivoting away from advertising channels that failed to drive traction and focus on ad formats that boost ROI. In a bid to identify alternative advertising models, many brands discovered that high impact programmatic advertising was indeed a lucrative option and this led to increased spend in 2020. With the fallout from the pandemic still lingering, it’s never been more important for brands to shift spend towards high impact programmatic advertising that engages and provides a positive brand message for consumers.

What are some key digital advertising trends for 2021?

We’ve seen programmatic advertising delivered through AI and expect this to increase in the next 12 months. Podcasts, audio programmatic and programmatic TV, are all set to grow next year at a faster rate than the overall advertising spend. The buzzword for 2021 is efficiency which is great for Adnami since high impact programmatic sits well with efficiency. Indeed, brands can experience increased operational efficiencies with Adnami as we bring improved standardisation to high impact advertising campaigns. 

What is the future of programmatic advertising?

Adnami enables brands to buy inventory more efficiently and until recently there wasn’t a practical way of buying high impact formats at scale across multiple publishers. The growth in the digital high impact category is particularly interesting, as these attention grabbing formats deliver greater effectiveness compared to standard display. This presents growing opportunities for brands to review past media plans and increase investment in more creative digital campaigns that captivates consumers and makes an impact on the bottom line.

How can brands effectively future proof their advertising strategies?

Last year advertisers were in a state of flux and there was lots of uncertainty in the industry as brands looked to redefine their messaging. The way we consume media and the way brands communicate with customers has evolved as consumer habits shift in the wake of the pandemic. Brands can now tailor their advertising strategies in response to these shifts and identify more innovative ways to provide memorable experiences for their consumers.

By investing in high impact advertising, brands can move away from standard display ads to more creative formats that really cut-through the noise. High impact ads help brands standout in a cluttered digital environment and deliver thumb-stopping and engaging ad experiences that demand users’ attention. In fact, our research shows that high impact ads deliver 10x better performance compared to standard ad formats.

All this results in more creative and impactful ads that engage consumers and strong engagement equals dwell time. Indeed, we are seeing the pendulum swing back towards the importance of the creative. The creative accounts for up to 62% of the sales generated from advertising, inspiring brands to adapt their advertising strategies to include high impact formats as a default.

What are your final words of advice for brands keen to accelerate their advertising campaigns in 2021?

Whilst there are still efficiencies to be made in our industry, I would urge brands, agencies and media owners to take a moment to assess their partnerships to identify opportunities to increase return on investment. Brands need to return to advertising basics to allow creatives to have the right impact and messaging showcased on the best platform. Avoid granular targeting and the distraction of a cookieless world to create memorable advertising that really works for your brands’ ideal consumer.

Ultimately, brands must make it their mission to focus on high impact advertising as a priority to achieve memorable and effective digital advertising. By doing so, they can regain the creative power and significantly streamline their planning and buying processes.