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SeeViews: On a mission to help brands identify and target ‘TV-like’ content

Giles Ivey runs his own consultancy, Opsimatters, and is Executive Chair at SeeViews. In over 35 years in media, he held roles at companies including Virgin Radio, BBC Magazines, Collective, Say Media and Miq. We sat down with him to understand why he joined SeeViews and and what the company’s mission is.

What is Seeviews’ core proposition/offer?

There’s plenty of historical evidence, and bang up-to-date research from the likes of Thinkbox and Google, to support what history tells us and that’s the best way to build brands is to place professionally placed content in the right environment. TV has always led this charge and, while TV is still at the core of most AV schedules, there is increasing evidence to support that YouTube, and other non-linear channels, can play a big part in building both trust and recall for brands.

The constant though, across an increasingly complex streaming landscape, is that high quality, AV brand advertising (which tends to promote greater engagement) placed in great content is still the best way for people to build brands and gain consumer trust.

So, in short, our core proposition is that we have curated a marketplace of high quality YouTube content that audiences know, love, seek out and trust.

Why was it founded, what problem was it set up to solve?

So SeeViews exists to help brands, who really care about the environment their ad appears in, to find and target the right environments on YouTube. YouTube have done a great job in facilitating access to audiences and different categories on their platform and they have created one of the most compelling environments for AV advertising. It’s harder though to identify and target “TV-Like” content and SeeViews exists to help brands do this. 

There are 5-10 companies and in-house approaches that can help clients put their advertising in front of the right people in a “brand safe” and low CPV way. SeeViews have built on this and are taking things a step further – through use of our proprietary technology (and plenty of human input too, many will be pleased to hear) – and can offer access to the abundance of high quality content that can be found on YouTube. In short, great brands are brought to life by great content and we aim to be the company that delivers this best to agencies and clients.

With all your industry experience, what attracted you to get involved in Seeviews?

I think you become an “industry veteran” after about 15 years these days but as I enter my 37th year in media and my 23rd year in pure play digital businesses or roles, I still have the same goal as ever and that is to work with people, businesses and ideas that make you want to get out of bed in the morning and to work with people you trust and respect.

After leaving my last big, corporate role in 2010 I’ve loved the challenge of working with some amazing early stage businesses where I’ve loved every minute of helping them to grow and have played my part in making those companies better and more successful.

So, after 10 years+ at Say Media, Collective and MiQ (who I’m proud to say all managed number 1 in the IPA surveys a fair few times) I was ready to go back to a startup again with the ambition to be part of a UK  business that started with just one, then two, then three of us that could both challenge and complement (and even work with!) the great work done by YouTube and the likes of BSkyB, Channel 4 and ITV. And businesses like Samsung, Amazon and Samba that are emerging in this space.

Who are Seeviews current and ideal clients?

Our ideal clients are people who know that many of their traditional eyeballs now consume “TV quality content” very differently and yet they still have that ambition that a healthy part of their brand budget must still sit alongside professionally-produced content. So far we’ve run campaigns for entertainment, Healthcare, Clothing, Movies, High Street Retail, Furniture, Alcohol, Charity, Jewellery and even toilet paper. 

But we need more brave clients with the ambition to do something different and we’re slowly finding them. So far, and this is the most important thing for us, they’ve all come back and plan to work with us more.

What is most exciting you about the industry at the moment?

The most exciting thing is how competitive the market is now. You have to be up for the challenge to work in an early stage business these days. The broadcasters and amazing brands I’ve already mentioned are so well resourced so it’s probably harder than ever (as agencies and clients – driven by resource challenges – consolidate spend into fewer partners) to challenge peoples’ thinking and give the plucky underdog a go. 

So we’re here and have been lucky enough that some great established industry (not quite veterans yet!) players have decided to join us. 

Any briefs gratefully received. We’d love the chance to surprise you!!!