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ShowHeroes Group partners with Scope3 to launch carbon-neutral ad campaigns

ShowHeroes Group has announced a partnership with Scope3 aimed at helping to decarbonize the digital ad ecosystem. Scope3 emissions measurement data will power ShowHeroes Green Media.

With one million ad impressions from a typical ad campaign responsible for one metric ton of carbon dioxide or equivalent greenhouse gasses (CO2e) – roughly the same amount as emitted on a roundtrip flight across the Atlantic – the industry is looking at ways to curb its environmental footprint.

The launch of ShowHeroes Green Media allows advertisers to measure the carbon footprint of their video campaigns using data from Scope3, the only company to analyze end-to-end emissions from across the media and advertising supply chain. 

Media buyers and sellers alike can then compensate for the impact of this footprint by investing in Scope3’s portfolio of specially curated and scientifically vetted carbon removal projects. Carbon management organization Carbon Direct is an early portfolio partner. Their portfolio includes nature-based initiatives, such as reforestation, and hybrid underground carbon storage projects, like biochar.

At a time when the hidden environmental toll of digital advertising is soaring, amid a raft of critical UN carbon reduction goals, ShowHeroes Green Media give players across the media landscape a sense of transparency as to the true cost of their digital advertising footprint per campaign. They can measure, reduce and compensate for these emissions, using Scope3’s data-driven model. 

This, in turn, will help partners in ShowHeroes’ global network to make significant progress against in-house sustainability targets, as well as providing a means to unlock designated “ESG budgets”. 

“It’s no secret that a single digital ad campaign can generate hundreds of tons of carbon dioxide – and we in the media industry must come together to address this damage,” says Ilhan Zengin, CEO of ShowHeroes Group. “We’re delighted to collaborate with Scope3, who are paving the way on seamless carbon emission measurement for the digital ad space – with a world-class set of initiatives to compensate for that footprint.”

Zengin continues: “By coming aboard with ShowHeroes Green Media, our digital partners around the world can access Scope3’s science-first approach to drive forward a vision of net zero advertising. The platform also enables brands to align with low-carbon suppliers across the digital sphere, becoming leaders in the field of sustainable campaigning.”

“Reducing and compensating for all the carbon emissions of digital advertising is the end goal. That starts with the ability to accurately measure the emissions of the advertising supply chain,” says Harvin Gupta, head of commercial partnerships at Scope3. “As publishers, advertisers and consumers become increasingly aware of the need to protect the planet’s fragile ecosystems, working with ShowHeroes Group to provide those measurement figures and offer brands direct insight into their footprint will bring us closer to meaningful change and empower an emerging generation of eco-conscious brands.”

ShowHeroes Group is committed to positively impacting the environment and the overall ad tech landscape. The first step is accurate carbon emission measurement across the supply chain. The company is taking additional steps to reduce its operational carbon footprint through its partnership with Cedara.


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