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Xandr and Permutive form first-party data partnership

Microsoft’s Xandr has formed a partnership with Permutive, an audience platform for publishers and advertisers, to provide access to standardised publisher first-party data via Xandr’s marketplace.

The aim of the partnership is to provide marketers with relevant, reachable audiences, while protecting publisher revenue and user privacy. It will do this by delivering privacy-safe and scalable audiences directly to buyers, without the need for third-party cookies or other identifiers.

“We’re pleased to bring Permutive into our marketplace and take a step further towards building the future of addressable advertising,” said Colette Munnelly, Associate Director, Solutions Engineering at Xandr. “Together we can ensure that advertising remains effective for brands and profitable for publishers. Most importantly, we can do this while maintaining the highest standards of consumer privacy.”

Xandr becomes the first buy- and sell-side platform to activate Permutive standard cohorts, which are interest-based audience segments that are generated automatically based on publishers’ first-party data.

Via Xandr’s marketplace, Permutive will have a direct connection to both buyers and sellers, simplifying the campaign setup process by enabling buyers to activate publisher first-party data without needing to create individual packages for each audiences.

The collaboration has opened up more than 200 standardised behavioural audiences to advertisers.

“With addressability dwindling to 30% as consumers choose to opt out of sharing their data with third parties, collaborations like this will solve the addressability gap and ensure a more responsible web,” said Danner Close, Senior Director, Strategic Demand Partnerships at Permutive. “With Xandr’s marketplace, Permutive is enabling consistent and highly addressable publisher first-party audiences to satisfy advertiser demands for effective audience solutions that provide scalable reach without jeopardising user privacy.”

*Permutive is a client of Bluestripe Communications, owned by Bluestripe Group, owner of NDA