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Xaxis launches forecast report identifying brands’ demands for 2023

As we approach 2023, the uncertainty facing marketers looks set to continue into next year and beyond. What forecasts, if any, can be made about the programmatic advertising marketplace in 2023? 

Xaxis, in partnership with New Digital Age, recently invited a panel of digital marketing experts to a roundtable discussion where they shared their insights and predictions for the year ahead in relation to four of the hottest topics facing the industry: sustainability; omnichannel marketing; the role of machine learning; and the rise of ‘attention’ as a marketing metric.

The report – Programmatic Expectations: what brands are demanding in 2023 – gathers real time  predictions from Boots, Tripadvisor and Hilton, plus agencies MediaCom, Mindshare and Wavemaker, and trade body the IAB UK. 

Explaining the motivations behind the report, Zuzanna Gierlinska, Managing Director of Xaxis UK, said: “The high levels of uncertainty facing marketers looks set to carry into next year and beyond. The media landscape is expanding, diversifying and fragmenting. Environmentally-conscious consumers are demanding more sustainability from brands. Regulators and tech platforms continue to rewrite the rules on how customer data can be used to target and measure ad campaigns. 

“Against this turbulent backdrop, how are brands adapting to the increasingly complex and confusing landscape? What sort of support are they demanding from their programmatic media partners? This report hopes to provide answers to those questions and offer  expert insight from some of the country’s  leading digital marketers.”

Among these experts is Satin Reid, Managing Director of MediaCom UK. She believes that the pandemic years have toughened up the UK marketing community and strengthened its ability to deal with uncertainty. 

“One big lesson learned from the past few years is that consumer behaviour changes so quickly in response to new situations. From a marketer’s perspective, whenever consumer behaviour changes, there’s a massive opportunity for brands,” said Reid.

Justin Reid, Director of Media, Destinations, Hotels and Growth at Tripadvisor, commented on the difficulty of basing any form of projection on consumer data gathered during the pandemic years. 

He said: “As we approach 2023, it’s about being as agile as possible. In the short term, I expect the time frame of marketing strategies to reduce from 12 or 24 months to something closer to three months.“ 

You can download the full report below.

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