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World Media Group promotes the essential role of quality journalism

‘Imagine a World Without Trusted Media’, a provocative short film from the World Media Group, launches this week to promote the essential roles filled by trusted media brands during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Amid the rise of partisan influencers, subjective bloggers and politically funded websites stoking prejudices, unscientific cures and unverified medicines, the adage that knowledge is power has never been so true.

WMG members have helped make sense of the novel coronavirus pandemic in real-time, ensuring Covid-19 became the most chronicled disease outbreak in history.

Newsrooms have worked around the clock to provide informed coverage. Expertly trained journalists and analysts have followed every aspect of the pandemic. From daily data analysis to promoting health and hygiene best practices, vaccinations and the socioeconomic implications.

“When the world turned upside down, and it became a matter of life and death, people turned to World Media Group brands for essential information,” says Belinda Barker, Chief Executive of the World Media Group.

“This was reflected in rocketing readers, users and viewers among our membership – including a 50 percent increase in unique monthly users across our quality news sites, to surpass a staggering 1.5 billion users at the height of the pandemic. In an age when Reporters Without Borders continues to track declines in press freedom around the world, support for the values of impartial, trusted world media brands with offices of trained journalists around the world has never been more important.”

Imagine a World Without Trusted Media was written by Arif Durrani, Executive Editor at Bloomberg Media Studios and produced by Danny Edwards at Foxred Video.