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With content, think formats rather than campaigns

Anjali Ramachandran, Director at Storythings, decided to use her 99-second talk at the 99//Club Digital Festival to champion ‘Format thinking’ as a solution to the restrictions imposed by distribution platforms and the ever-changing attention span spectrum.

“Format thinking helps audiences bridge cognitive gaps in their brains, even as more things compete for their attention”, said Anjali, urging brands to think about what makes their content different, in order for consumers to easily remember the brand.

NDA will be publishing highlights from the Festival, run in partnership with MAD//Fest, over the coming weeks.

The week-long invite-only festival was a collaboration between MAD//Fest and New Digital Age. Over the course of five days, 99 speakers debated topics across themes including media and tech, customer experience and personalisation, brand experience and creativity and innovation for growth.


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