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ISBA completes the first phase of industry-wide consultations to part-fund Origin

ISBA has completed an industry-wide consultation of UK advertisers regarding a proposal to part-fund the nascent Origin cross media measurement service via an Advertiser levy. The consultation sought to gauge opinion regarding the principle of the levy and give UK advertisers the opportunity to learn more about Origin and have their questions answered. 

In early 2022, ISBA conducted an 8-week industry-wide consultation which included ISBA members, UK trade bodies such as the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB UK), Origin stakeholders, media agencies and major UK broadcasters to gauge their appetite for a levy as means for using the Core Reporting service of the Origin service. 

The overwhelming weight of positive feedback has meant ISBA can now advance plans to take a series of proposals around cost and timings back to the UK media industry for a second phase of consultation. This is anticipated to take place in the latter part of 2022. 

The programme is just over half-way through a multi-year development phase which will see a live service delivering cross-media measurement for the industry in mid-2024.  

Phil Smith, Director General, ISBA commented: “I am grateful for the feedback during the consultation process and encouraged by the considerable support expressed by many organisations from across the industry. 

“We will respond to all feedback received and move forward with proposals to fund the Core Reporting service which will focus on cross-media reach and frequency at launch. In time, this will be joined by an Advanced Reporting capability that offers a more comprehensive set of metrics and provide a full cross-media measurement service.”

The consultation report is available here.


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