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LG Smart TVs get Automatic Content Recognition upgrade

LG Ads Solutions, the connected TV and cross-screen advertising service is to rollout of its proprietary automatic content recognition (ACR) technology across LG TVs globally. This will replace legacy technology, and put the new ACR solution on millions of smart TVs across Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Australia.

As of September, LG Ads Solutions will be the exclusive provider of all LG CTV inventory and data on a worldwide basis. The rollout covers 27 countries across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Australia. ACR provided by LG Ads Solutions is already active on LG smart TVs in the U.S.

Chief Executive Officer Raghu Kodige said, “This ACR rollout marks the next major phase of our global CTV advertising business with LG Ads Solutions. It is a highly significant moment for brands across four continents, who increasingly need to reach cord-cutters and light-TV viewers who have migrated to OTT services, and to understand incremental reach over traditional linear TV services. Now with LG Ads Solutions, brands globally can plan, activate, and measure CTV advertising using the industry’s best ACR data set to help guarantee campaign success.”

Chris Jo, Senior Vice President, Head of Platform Business at LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company, said, “Since the LG Ads Solutions launch, the team has created tremendous momentum for the business globally. This ACR rollout is another great milestone that demonstrates their drive, commitment to excellence, and dedication to bringing the best possible advertising solutions to brands and agencies around the world.”

The ACR data, which is in global and regional compliance with all consumer data privacy regulations, helps brands understand, in an anonymized fashion, which TV ads have aired, or not aired, and how many times, in any given household. For brands, this means it can increase frequency levels for underexposed households, cap frequency for overexposed households, conquest households that are exposed to competitor’s ads, and more. Of major importance, it informs brands and agencies which households they are missing completely due to cord-cutting. 

The data can also be used to measure the effectiveness of the ad. Two use cases, for example, are that it can determine if an ad drove viewers to a particular TV show or movie, or did if it drove downloads and registrations to an OTT app or service.

LG Ads Solutions already powers CTV campaigns in over 40 countries globally. Brands in any country covered by the ACR rollout can immediately begin working with LG Ads Solutions to understand TV audience viewership in their country at a granular level, in order to pinpoint granular audience segments and to optimize reach, frequency, and ad effectiveness across linear and streaming television.

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