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Sky launches AdSmart campaign showcasing how SMEs can harness the power of TV advertising

Sky Media, the advertising arm of Sky, has launched a new B2B TV campaign promoting its targeted TV platform, AdSmart.

AdSmart has run over 30,000 campaigns, achieving a 70% return rate of advertisers. With access to thousands of locations and household attributes, AdSmart allows businesses to tailor their campaigns and pick relevant households to view their ad – making TV advertising more relevant and affordable for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Created in partnership with Horse’s Mouth creative agency, the new animated television advertisement has 22 tailored variations.  The advertisements are personalised to where they are airing by including local towns and regional accents, showcasing the tools and intricate levels of targeting that AdSmart can offer.

The campaign targets SMEs and business owners around the UK using AdSmart technology across Sky and Virgin homes.

David Sanderson, Director of AdSmart Local & Development, commented: “Thousands of businesses who thought TV advertising was out of reach, have now used AdSmart to grow and stand out from their competition. When businesses understand they can advertise to specific postcodes or households, alongside some of the world’s largest brands, without massive budgets, a lightbulb goes on. More and more SMEs are realising this and we’re seeing on average of two ‘new to tv’ businesses joining AdSmart every day. This campaign will help spread the AdSmart impact, affordability and accessibility word even further”.

Dahlan Lassalle – Co-founder at Horse’s Mouth “It’s really exciting, as a smaller agency, to work with one of the UK’s biggest advertisers and support other small businesses. The strategic and creative partnership demonstrates how an agile agency like us can work with a major client, in an affordable and accessible way, and deliver targeted adverts on a national scale”.

The growth of AdSmart is helping businesses advertise directly. Up and down the country Sky Media is working with hundreds of local creative agencies who are expanding their capabilities and attracting new business through the production of high-quality and cost-effective ads.


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