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Boots CMO Pete Markey: CMOs must be artist, scientist and politician

CMO Confidential is a podcast series on NDA where we talk to CMOs who, while not digital in job title, have digital understanding and experience embedded in their DNA.

Pete Markey, who is a perfect exemplar of this,  recently joined Boots as CMO from TSB where he was also CMO and has held marketing director and CMO roles at companies like Aviva, The Post Office and RSA.

In the podcast, Markey describes why successful CMOs must be part scientist, part artist and part politician and the danger of being stuck with pure communications rather then working across the organisation to deliver the experience of the brand and deliver on its purpose and promise. And how perfect alignment with a brand’s CIO is crucial for the successful development of any modern marketing activity. 

We discuss the crucial role of agency relationships for any CMO, and, how you can measure the total number of golf balls in the air at any one time.


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