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NDA Meets: Sir Martin Sorrell, Founder and Executive Chairman of S4 Capital

In a special edition of the NDA Meets podcast, NDA Editor Justin Pearse sat down with one of the advertising industry’s most influential figures, Sir Martin Sorrell, Founder and Executive Chairman of S4 Capital.

He believes CTV advertising holds the potential for huge growth and will help “analog media start tapping into the addressable market”. The only hurdle on its growth is talent, he says. “When the market is doubling in size, how do you find the right people?”

The rise of first-party data is another huge opportunity but one of the biggest challenges for brands is that “the burden of history weighs them down due to legacy systems.”

He also discusses the need for “analog advertisers to move to the digital planet.”

“There is a world where there is growth and there is a world where is no growth. There’s a world people look at the sky and there’s a world where people look at their boots. The five holding company CEOs look at their boots,” he says.