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Digital Leaders of Tomorrow podcast: Marissa Bell, Reddit

In episode two of season two, Reddit’s Marissa Bell discusses her zig-zagging career between the US and UK, how her inquisitive nature has helped to shape her journey and, most importantly, British slang.


Digital Leaders of Tomorrow podcast: Olivia Maslak, ITV

In the season two launch of the Digital Leaders of Tomorrow podcast, ITV’s Olivia Maslak discusses her journey to the data department at one of the UK’s biggest broadcasters, the part her upbringing played in that journey, and her role in the launch of ITVX.


Digital Leaders of Tomorrow podcast: Gabriella Krite, The Kite Factory

In episode two of the Digital Leaders of Tomorrow podcast, The Kite Factory’s Gabriella Krite discusses her journey in digital advertising, the challenges that have come with this, and the role that her lifestyle choices have played in that journey.


NDA Meets podcast: Terry Kawaja, CEO, LUMA Partners

Terence ‘Terry’ Kawaja, is the Founder and CEO of LUMA Partners, a strategic advisory firm focussed on digital media and marketing. As famous for his parody videos featuring leading industry figures, and colourful on-stage appearances as for his deep knowledge of the digital sector and the $300 billion of deals he’s been been behind, he is one of our industry’s most influential figures.


NDA Meets: Paul Wright, Head of Uber Advertising UK

Paul Wright is a true digital veteran, with experience across companies like Apple, Amazon and Omnicom and many more He joined Uber six months ago to set up its advertising operations in London.

Partner Content

Media 101: Making sense of programmatic OOH

The fast-moving nature of this industry means that even the most digitally experienced may well not be fully up to speed with sectors outside their day-to-day area of focus.

Which is why NDA has launched our Media 101 podcast series. We’ll be talking to experts across the industry for a deep dive into different sectors.