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New Business Bulletin: Cedara, HubSpot, MiQ and many more

Cedara, the first end-to-end carbon intelligence platform empowering businesses and their employees to seamlessly take climate action, is announcing its collaboration with ShowHeroes, a global independent leader in digital video content, tech, and advertising solutions. By leveraging Cedara’s Enterprise product, ShowHeroes will holistically measure its carbon footprint across business operations, as well as their ad tech and publisher partners, and ultimately share emissions data seamlessly to media buying partners such as brands and advertising agencies.

Against a backdrop of economic turmoil, a looming recession, customer reluctance to spend and rising energy prices, research from tech company HubSpot has revealed that businesses are still exceptionally ambitious about achieving a billion-dollar valuation. According to HubSpot’s new ‘We Believe in Unicorns’ report, 94% of British businesses feel it is likely that they will achieve their aspiration of becoming a unicorn, despite just four new unicorns being added to 2022’s unicorn list. Further, SaaS business leaders are among the biggest believers with 98% of tech leaders having strong ambitions to become Unicorns one day. The survey of 500 leaders at mid-sized British businesses – across health, financial services, technology, professional services, education, manufacturing, retail and hospitality – uncovered businesses’ appetite for growth as well as the opportunities and hurdles identified on the road to success.

In its commitment to enabling the next generation of programmatic advertising, MiQ, the global programmatic media partner, has announced the acquisition of UK-based AirGrid, the privacy-first audience platform. Powered by edge computing, AirGrid adds critical publisher-focused technology capabilities and proprietary data to MiQ’s extensive solution suite, accelerating its leadership in shaping the cookieless future for clients. AirGrid bolsters MiQ’s existing cookieless suite of authenticated data connection, advanced contextual data methods, and clean room solutions, which together power better analytics and targeting. With a global reach of hundreds of millions of users, AirGrid’s solutions are available now for any campaigns targeting UK supply, providing instant access to first-party data from five UK publishers and over 750 domains. MiQ is already working to expand this to the U.S. and Canadian markets, which will be available in the second half of 2023. 

People under 25 are more likely than older age groups in the UK to take advantage of Black Friday sales promotions this year; they are also more likely to spend over £500.  And while online is the preferred shopping channel for all ages (with 35-44 year-olds the biggest users), the in-store shopping experience is still valued by all generations. These are some of the key findings of a new UK study undertaken by Hawk Platform using its Hawk Surveys tool. 35% of people under 25 are planning to spend in the sales on 25 November; this compares to 29% of 25-34 year-olds, 30% of 35-44 year-olds and 20% of people over 45. Most consumers will limit their purchases to £100 or less, but when it comes to larger budgets, the 25-44 age group are most likely to spend over this amount. Consumer technology products are the most popular, with 36% of shoppers planning to buy in this category. Household appliances account for 26% and fashion and beauty 24%. 14% of people are undecided as to what they will purchase. The data was gathered between 19 September and 13 October 2022, with an automated digital questionnaire sent to 373 people using Hawk Platform’s Survey capability.

PhotoRoom, the global photo editing platform, has raised a $19 million Series A round, led by Balderton Capital. Angels from Facebook, Hugging Face and Disney+ also participated. Adjacent who led the seed round is also participating. Founded in late 2019 by Matthieu Rouif and Eliot Andres, PhotoRoom has become the go-to editing app for consumers, entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide looking to elevate their online imagery. In a world where visual content dominates, and in which high-quality images boost conversions, and increase online engagement by as much as 352%, the need for high-quality, accessible editing tools is on the rise. By leveraging deep learning to translate pixels into objects, PhotoRoom’s advanced AI allows users to edit images in seconds. They can remove, replace or blur backgrounds. The software can be used to delete unwanted features with a Magic Retouch tool.

A new survey from digital marketing consultants ConsultMyApp (CMA) shows that nearly half (44%) of CMOs are anticipating a negative impact from the pending recession as they look to streamline their marketing strategy next year. The survey questioned 101 CMOs of businesses with more than 250 employees on their mobile marketing priorities for 2023 in the face of this economic struggle, and the results show an interesting and rare insight into the trends growing within digital marketing. The survey highlighted key issues which CMOs are looking to make headway on in the year, including increased investment in new service introductions (42%), brand building (42%) and web and mobile web marketing spending (38%). As well as these critical areas, hyper-personalisation is another attribute that marketing teams will be looking to increase in their digital platforms going into 2023. In fact, over two-fifths (41%) put focusing on hyper-personalisation as their highest priority in 2023. Other top priorities include delivering predictive and proactive engagement (40%) and creating positive consumer experiences (36%).