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New Business Bulletin: GWI, Outbrain, Shopify and more

New data from consumer research company GWI reveals that broadcast TV is still central to Brits’ media consumption, with nearly two-thirds (64%) of TV viewing time spent on live TV, rather than online streaming (36%). Despite the rise of streaming platforms over the years, GWI’s 2024 Global Media Landscape Report shows the nation is still enjoying live TV, with hits like the BBC’s The Traitors breaking viewership records and demonstrating TV’s durability. “Live TV is still a core form of entertainment for consumers across the UK,” says Chris Beer, Trends Analyst at GWI. “But as with any form of consumption, appetite is always subject to change. Although TV still dominates, our data shows that at the end of 2023, 13% of Gen Zs don’t watch broadcast TV on a typical day.” GWI’s latest report outlines the biggest media for brands and marketers looking to resonate with their target audiences.

Open web technology platform Outbrain has announced the launch of OnyxGreen, a Green Media Product (GMP) powered by data from Scope3, the collaborative sustainability platform decarbonizing media and advertising. The launch of OnyxGreen inputs Scope3’s data set directly into Outbrain’s branding platform  Onyx, allowing marketers to cut the least sustainable inventory from their media buys. OnyxGreen provides marketers committed to a cleaner, more sustainable media ecosystem access to a platform to maximise attention, drive greater brand impact, and minimise emissions. Scope3’s April 2023 report reveals that the programmatic advertising industry produces more than 215,000 metric tons of carbon emissions in a single month across five leading economies, the equivalent to more than 24 million gallons of gasoline being consumed. Yet when digital ad campaigns are optimised for attention time, research has identified that carbon emissions are reduced by an average of 63%. OnyxGreen builds on the 2023 release of Onyx, which utilises Outbrain’s prediction technology to maximise attention, ensuring brand dollars are allocated to the most valuable and impactful moments. 

Shopify has announced that during April, it will match all carbon removal funding on deliveries from merchants that are using the Planet app, doubling its merchants’ and their customers’ positive impact on the planet. Once installed, Planet estimates merchants’ shipping emissions by looking at factors like delivery distance, transportation method, and product weight. Merchants choose a subscription plan and pay an average of 3.5 to 15 cents per order to fund carbon removal. In January 2024, Shopify launched a feature that lets customers fund carbon removal too, by adding 25 cents to their order. This funding goes to companies developing carbon removal technologies like direct air capture, ocean carbon removal, bio-oil sequestration, soil carbon storage, and enhanced rock weathering.

Luxury British fashion retailer FLANNELS has launched London’s newest 3D DOOH destination on Oxford Circus in partnership with immersive experience studio Pixel Artworks and official media partner London Lites. Featuring 37 striking 8K LED screens, this multidimensional platform on the exterior of FLANNELS’ Oxford Street store will be the first of its kind for brands, providing exposure to half a million consumers daily on Europe’s busiest high street (200 million a year). Pixel Artworks is the preferred creative content creator for the 3D space, known as ‘THE CUBE’, and has already created the 3D workflow making it simple for brands to be creative while still delivering unparalleled impact. Pixel Artworks is well known for specialist content creation, including 3D anamorphic, and has worked on most of the 3D screens around the world. To celebrate the launch, FLANNELS, Pixel Artworks and London Lites gathered in the FLANNELS X basement immersive gallery to showcase examples of the 3D content. Those passing by will witness first-hand how versatile and unique this immense and immersive content can be.

Criteo, the commerce media company, has announced it achieved its first-ever accreditation by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for display rendered impression and click advertising metrics across desktop, mobile web, and mobile in-app environments for Onsite Sponsored Products and Onsite Display Ads on its enterprise retail media platforms, Commerce Max and Commerce Yield. As part of this accreditation, Criteo was evaluated against MRC’s guidelines for detecting and filtering General Invalid Traffic (GIVT), which provides enhanced assurance that marketers can trust the commerce outcomes driven on the Criteo platform.

Reddit’s latest set of updates to the Reddit Ads Manager reduce the steps needed for advertisers to set up and track their campaign performance on Reddit. They are injecting automated features into existing tools, as well as new ones, to save time and give advertisers easy access to creative best practice. The updates will guide the entire advertising journey on Reddit – from campaign creation to performance management and reporting – particularly benefitting Reddit’s self-service small and medium-sized (SMB) partners. One new update is smart headlines powered by AI. This handy tool offers the best in creative copywriting with a few simple clicks. Powered by generative AI, our new Smart Headlines tool is informed by specific-to Reddit creative guidance, including the language and tone that resonates with our users. Advertisers simply input their website URL, and our Smart Headlines generator will automate a range of options for ad copy headlines, specifically generated with Reddit’s unique audience in mind. This is especially helpful for those unfamiliar with Reddit, including our SMB advertisers who may not have the bandwidth or resources to create net new ad copy for Reddit.

Planet Sport has been officially launched as the main sponsor of Women’s Rugby Super League team Huddersfield Giants for the 2024 season. As The Giants women enter their fifth year as a team, Planet Sport are proudly partnering with the Women’s Super League team as primary shirt and training kit sponsors. The partnership will support Huddersfield Giants’ already outstanding dedication to raising the profile of women’s rugby league and comes as part of a package of branding and hospitality for both the men’s and women’s fixtures in 2024. Planet Sport has a rich history of supporting rugby league. The sport media network’s titles Love Rugby League and are longstanding and well-respected outlets that cover the sport’s latest news, live scores and betting tips for the sport. The partnership is set to engage their audiences with exclusive content promoting Huddersfield Giants women’s endeavours in the women’s Super League.

Canva, the all-in-one visual communication platform, has announced the acquisition of Affinity, the creative software suite for professional photo editing, illustration, graphic design and page layout. The acquisition significantly bolsters Canva’s vision to build the world’s most comprehensive suite of visual communication tools. While the last decade has seen rapid growth for Canva amongst the 99% of knowledge workers without design training, the integration of Affinity’s professional design software now unlocks the full spectrum of designers at every level and stage of the design journey. As visual communication becomes the status quo in teams and organizations around the world, the acquisition also accelerates Canva’s enterprise ambitions, unlocking a future where professional designers can craft designs and templates with Affinity to scale across organizations with Canva.

Sky Media announces the renewal of Yoplait’s sponsorship of Channel 5’s daily children’s programme strand Milkshake! to cement Petits Filous into the heart of the everyday lives of families with young children. Following on from the success of its sponsorship of Milkshake! last year – Petits Filous’ first ever, the number one kids yoghurt brand* is once again joining forces with the UK’s leading commercial destination for kids aged 4-15 and home to some of the world’s favourite pre-school characters. Launched on the 1st of April 2024 and running until the end of June, the sponsorship comes at a time when the weather is getting warmer and aims to encourage parents and kids to reach for Petits Filous’ healthy and nutritious yoghurts during the summer term. The creative will feature across weekday slots from 6.00am until 09.15am and weekends from 6.00am until 8.45am – a key time for shared viewing moments when children and parents are together.

Hokodo, the B2B eCommerce AssociationOroCommerce and Greenwood Consulting have released a joint report that explores the habits and e-commerce expectations of business buyers. Out of the 500 surveyed B2B buyers, 83% said that they would abandon an e-commerce purchase if no payment terms were offered at checkout, meaning that B2B sellers failing to offer payment terms are missing out on capturing new business and revenue growth. The majority of respondents to Hokodo’s survey (73%) said that payment challenges at checkout are causing them issues. These include unsuitable settlement methods, or a lack of payment terms on offer. With 79% of buyers agreeing that payment terms are critical for the success of their business in 2024, those that experience payment issues at checkout will be far more likely to abandon their cart. An overwhelming majority of respondents (82%) said that having access to payment terms is either important or very important when choosing a new B2B supplier. For B2B buyers, the verdict is clear: payment terms aren’t just ‘nice to have’, but essential for business survival. 

Programmatic advertising expert Crimtan is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Fast Train Media, renowned for its innovative global travel guides. Fast Train Media’s dedication lies in crafting engaging and value-driven guides to some of the world’s most expensive cities. This strategic partnership leverages Crimtan’s expertise in programmatic advertising alongside Fast Train Media’s rich first-party data, providing advertisers with cutting-edge digital advertising solutions. Fast Train Media boasts an impressive monthly average of 1.2 million web visitors and 2.8 million page views, offering comprehensive content covering every aspect of the traveller journey. With access to real-time traveller intent signals, brands can now engage with travellers at every stage of their journey, from initial inspiration to planning, booking, and traveling. Furthermore, advertisers can seize cross-channel opportunities across display and digitised platforms. This collaboration comes at a pivotal moment, anticipating Google’s imminent changes to third-party cookies. For travel and retail brands targeting inbound travellers, this partnership promises unparalleled insights, real-time data and targeting capabilities.