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New Business Bulletin: Lusha, SeenThis, Semetrical and many more

Lusha, the B2B go-to-market intelligence platform, has announced the launch of its ‘Warm Outbound’ capabilities, enabling customers to identify and reach millions of market-ready prospects directly. The new product suite enables data-driven sales signals to identify the products and services companies are interested in, and how close they are to buying. As a result, marketing and sales teams can make warm outbound approaches, meeting prospects when they are ready, mature, and with a propensity to buy. Combined with Lusha’s highly-accurate, dynamic, and crowdsourced prospect data, sales executives can easily reach the right prospects, at the right time, with minimal effort. Lusha currently offers customers the ability to identify their ideal customer profiles (ICPs) based on attributes such as industry, job title, and geographic location. Lusha’s Warm Outbound capabilities and intent data adds “Likelihood to Buy” – the likelihood of them purchasing a company’s product or service, by measuring a collection of behavioural signals that can be used to determine the purchasing intent of in-market prospects. When companies search for solutions in the market, they leave ‘buying signals’ which are analyzed using AI and machine learning algorithms. This actionable intent data is then combined with advanced ICP parameters and the highly accurate contact information in the Lusha platform, enabling sales teams the ability to conduct warm outbound based on these signals.

Adaptive streaming company, SeenThis, has launched a creative platform which enables clients to access its proprietary streaming technology to seamlessly build their own creatives; maximising quality with no file size limitations, whilst reducing the carbon emissions associated with digital advertising. Adaptive streaming holds the potential to transform the distribution and climate impact of digital content and SeenThis is driving a higher return on ad spend in a more sustainable way than alternative solutions. It supercharges creative teams which can make use of the drag-and-drop technology and built-in editor to cut production time and improve efficiency. At the same time, it is possible to track CO2e reductions achieved, whilst reporting on commitments to more sustainable advertising. The creative platform also helps to ensure brand consistency: Clients can upload brand assets such as fonts, logotypes, animations and colour schemes to ensure alignment with brand guidelines and produce high performing ads in minutes – without writing a single line of code.

Digital marketing agency Semetrical has released its most recent search trends report, which looks into the state of the travel industry and explores consumer habits at a time when demand is surging, but consumer trust is at an all time low. As airlines are now getting back on their feet after a turbulent period, the report offers a deep-dive into the UK travel industry, revealing the biggest changes in brand performance and consumer behaviour post-pandemic. The report has also identified where the greatest digital opportunities lie for airline companies, travel comparison sites and insurers to boost their brand reputation and search visibility in these troubling times. 

 Yext, Inc., the Answers Company, has announced the launch of Yext Chat, a new product that empowers organisations to create conversational experiences with cutting-edge AI. The company plans to publicly release Yext Chat later this year and invites interested parties to join the waitlist for a closed beta. Designed specifically for the enterprise use case, Yext Chat leverages multiple large language models (LLMs) including OpenAI’s GPT-3, the Yext Knowledge Graph, and other proprietary technology to deliver an accurate and natural language chat experience that allows users to ask any question they want about a particular knowledge set. General-purpose large language models are trained on a wide variety of public datasets, which often include little to no authoritative information about a business. Because of this, the accuracy of generated responses cannot be reliably or independently verified, a challenge for businesses, especially when models create inaccurate or misleading “hallucinations.” To function effectively within a business context, natural language chat experiences must be able to answer questions by referencing curated sets of knowledge. Yext addresses this with the Knowledge Graph, a headless content management system (CMS) that uses entity relationships to optimise an organisation’s content for voice search, chatbots, and other sophisticated AI. Yext Chat generates answers with content stored in the Knowledge Graph, which allows businesses to confirm that responses are accurate and grounded in real-world information. With Search Term Clustering and other robust analytics, Yext customers can easily identify and fill content gaps by adding new content to the Knowledge Graph, creating a flywheel where organisations can continually improve their answers and refine Yext Chat experiences based on the questions being asked.

UK fashion group boohoo Group PLC and innovative location technology what3words have announced an exciting new partnership. The integration of what3words into boohoo Group’s services will enable slick and efficient deliveries for customers across their portfolio of brands. The feature has been launched on boohoo, boohooMAN, Nasty Gal, Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Wallis, Warehouse, Coast, Misspap, Karen Millen and Oasis checkout pages. For over 10 years, boohoo group has been pushing boundaries to bring its customers the best possible shopping experience, and the integration of what3words is testament to this commitment. Customers are now given the option to add a what3words address in addition to their regular street address in their account profiles and at checkout. The information is then passed to delivery partners, allowing for fast and hassle-free delivery to the precise location.

Dubber Corporation Limited, the unified recording and intelligence platform for service providers and their customers globally, has significantly expanded its partnership capability with Virgin Media O2 Business giving customers an increased range of mobile recording services and access to connected systems via one platform, provided over Virgin Media O2’s network. This expanded partnership, which transitions Dubber from a vendor to a strategic partner for unified recording and intelligence, will provide Virgin Media O2 Business customers with access to the full Dubber product suite. Customers will benefit from additional services ranging from AI-enabled transcription to sentiment analysis, with support for platforms including: Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams and Zoom enabling customers to host and track recordings across a range of systems through a single, secure platform. Expanding on these benefits, the Dubber product suite provides intelligent features to support businesses in meeting client needs. This goes beyond traditional transcription services to provide sentiment analysis of secure and consensual recordings; features that can be used by businesses to support a range of purposes including customer service and dispute resolution to regulatory compliance, sales automation and intelligence, productivity, and employee training.

GumGum, a contextual-first, global digital advertising platform, has announced that it has achieved an additional accreditation from the Media Rating Council (MRC), a U.S. based nonprofit organization charged with auditing and accrediting measurement products used by media buyers and sellers. The MRC has granted GumGum Verity™, the company’s contextual intelligence platform, a new accreditation for the measurement of English-language content-level classification and URL reporting through the Verity™ API for CTV. Verity’s accredited, content-level capabilities go beyond current solutions that rely on video metadata by conducting frame-by-frame analysis to ensure a more precise reading of a video’s content. This provides a comprehensive, human-like understanding of CTV content and an accurate way for advertisers to target users dynamically in contextually relevant and brand-safe environments at scale. The accreditation also provides exceptional content monetisation for CTV publishers through superior inventory alignment with advertisers in a cookieless, privacy-forward solution.

Alteryx, Inc., the Analytics Automation company, has announced new self-service and enterprise-grade capabilities to its Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform to help customers make faster and more intelligent decisions. The enhanced platform, which now includes all access for Designer Cloud, offers an approachable easy-to-use drag-and-drop modern interface accessible to employees of all skill levels, without compromising data governance or security standards. These innovations come at a crucial time as Alteryx’s global 2023 State of Cloud Analytics Report found that cloud analytics will be an enterprise imperative for thriving in 2023. Four out of five respondents expect cloud analytics to have a positive impact during economic uncertainty, and nearly 90 percent agreed cloud analytics have helped them be more profitable.