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New Business Bulletin:, Reddit, Yoti and many more

Kismet Group, an Australian private equity group, has acquired, the media-related dot com domain, to empower the public to take control of their reputation in a media landscape in dire need of a solution to restore balance and information accuracy. Developed over the last three years, will launch a profile-based network designed to become home to millions of individuals, business executives, celebrities, influencers, politicians, and corporations. On, they and their PR representatives can tell their stories and respond, challenge, correct and share their views about all forms of content without the risk of being degraded by trolls and fake profiles, or challenged by contradictory views. The network will equip users with text, video, and audio-based capabilities to publish their stories, communicate their views, confront misconceptions, ‘correct the record’, and share undistorted perspectives. By giving people a voice, it can rectify the current significant power imbalance presently plaguing traditional media and social media networks.

Reddit is continuing to invest in making the Reddit Ads Manager a best-in-class destination, and are leaning into tools and features that optimize their industry-leading contextual and interest-based advertising advantage, for all types of clients. Reddit are pleased to announce their latest updates that allow advertisers to be even more strategic, seamless and effective in their Reddit campaign management and execution, all while tapping what makes Reddit unique. Live now, these new tools will benefit Reddit’s small business advertisers all the way through to their enterprise clients, and are particularly geared at those looking to drive efficiency and performance on Reddit with just a few clicks. The latest Ads Manager features include improved community search, targeting suggestions and community info. Two new administration tools, campaign lifetime budget and incline editing, have also been added.

Yoti has released a new Digital ID app with Lloyds Bank – Lloyds Bank Smart ID. The app gives people a more private, secure and convenient way to prove their age or identity from their phone. This follows the £10 million investment Lloyds Banking Group made in Yoti earlier this year. The investment supported the development of a new, reusable digital identity app to help combat the growing risks of identity fraud, which is one of the biggest fraud threats to the UK public. Lloyds Bank Smart ID is a reusable Digital ID which transforms the way people prove their age and identity. It allows people to share specific information with businesses who request it – such as name, date of birth or an ‘over 18’ proof of age – without having to show physical identity documents or share an excessive amount of personal data. The app is built using Yoti’s technology, which is certified to meet the highest security and privacy standards, including ISO 27001 and 27701, and SOC2 Type II. The free app is available to UK residents. 

Podcast ads on Amazon DSP will now offer Amazon Audiences to self-service advertisers in the UK. This launch gives advertisers the ability to reach audiences based on demographics (age range and gender) across all podcast supply, including Amazon-owned and operated podcasts (Amazon Music and Wondery network of originals and partner shows) and third-party publishers, apps and sites via Amazon Publisher Direct. Previously, advertisers who ran podcast ad campaigns through Amazon DSP mostly relied on contextual signals, such as top genres and categories, to reach relevant audiences. Now, they are expanding to include a pre-curated, exclusive catalogue of Amazon Audiences, so advertisers can reach the right audiences based on demographics relevant to their specific campaign goals. Amazon Audiences for podcasts are powered by machine learning models to help advertisers deliver relevant messaging to listeners across all podcast supply. With this launch, advertisers will now have access to the following targeting options; demographics, geography, and genre & categories.

Tech Mahindra, a provider of digital transformation, consulting, and business re-engineering services and solutions, has announced the launch of ‘Vision amplifAIer’ solution under TechM amplifAI0->∞ suit of AI offerings and solutions. The solution will amplify the computer vision-related use cases for enterprises. It will provide end-to-end life cycle management of computer vision (CV) projects, with emphasis on de-skilling the whole process. In any computer vision use case, significant time is spent on the initial step, namely, data pre-processing, use case understanding, test data preparation, model development and training. Tech Mahindra’s Vision amplifAIer will reduce turnaround time required for each step of the workflow, by allowing techno-functional workforce to develop CV use cases without having data science skills. It will help enterprises to scale AI by streamlining and accelerating the process of building use cases. The solution will provide pre-built models and generative AI-led capability to create synthetic data, reuse existing models to be repurposed for new use case with power of transfer learning. 

Hootsuite is thrilled to announce its partnership with LinkedIn Learning, set to equip social media professionals with the essential skills and learning content they need to excel in their role. The collaboration will introduce Hootsuite Platform Training Certification Prep Course to LinkedIn Learning’s user base—extending Hootsuite’s library of educational resources to LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network where members added over 500M new skills in the last year alone. With over 1.4 million unique enrolled Hootsuite Academy learners and 259,000 certifications granted, this partnership recements Hootsuite’s commitment to delivering valuable insights and education in social media management to individuals around the globe.