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My Digital Hero: Ela Osterberger, VP of Data at WeTransfer

Ela Osterberger is the VP of Data at WeTransfer. Previously she ran the Data Science team at Deliveroo and managed one of Europe’s largest Data Science teams. Prior to Deliveroo she ran the audience data team at the Guardian.


The NDA Roundtable: Future proofing your media business in 2023

There’s no denying these are volatile times. With every economic downturn, the debate rages – to spend or not to spend to maintain brand supremacy? But this is just one of the many challenges facing publishers and advertisers into 2023. Just how do they decide which of the many balls they need to keep in the air to focus on?

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Predictions: why the time is right for Mail Metro Media’s new identity solution, dmg::ID

If you work in digital marketing, you’ll be aware that 2023 should finally see Google’s oft-delayed deadline for third-party cookie deprecation on Chrome finally arrive in Q3. Expect to see a sharp increase in ‘test and learn’ projects in the identity space early next year, as brands, agencies and publishers alike search for alternative ways to provide the ad targeting and measurement capabilities previously enabled by cookies.