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Roundtable recap: are advertisers exploiting the full potential of CTV?

Budgets are being diverted from traditional AV and digital campaigns into Connected TV (CTV), but are agencies and broadcasters ready to deliver on those brand investments? Are brands exploring the unique creative potential of CTV? What will be the impact of Netflix’s entry into the CTV ad market? 

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Harnessing the power of CTV in Europe

Connected TV, or CTV, refers to the streaming of high-quality video content via smart TVs, Internet-connected devices, tablets, laptops or game consoles, all without the need for a traditional satellite/cable subscription. CTV technology is transforming the way Europeans consume television.


It’s Always Media Thursday

In this week’s episode, Andy and Justin talk to Cate Murden, Founder and CEO of PUSH Mind and Body, pioneers in workplace wellbeing


Build a broad foundation for revenue by diversifying affiliate strategies

Many advertisers have a clear view of those affiliate strategies that they can regard as tried and tested. While these will continue to deliver value, building a broader foundation for revenue generation is a logical – indeed, essential – next step. For this reason, advertisers are looking towards employing a more diverse set of affiliate marketing strategies in an effort to outperform the market.


In-game marketing works, but remains a challenge for brands

In many ways, gaming today is a modern marketing conundrum. It’s a shared online experience with millions of mostly young men playing against each other, or watching others play, whether via their Xbox or Playstation devices or streaming services like Twitch or Roblox, yet largely walled off from marketing messages, or the ability to act on them without leaving the game environment.