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The NDA Roundtable: Metro Bank, The FT, Betsson Group, CvE, THG & Ribble Cycles on aligning marketing and tech

Chaired by NDA’s editor Justin Pearse, the roundtable featured Matthew Lawson, Chief Digital Officer at Ribble Cycles; Peter Barr Watson, Chief Technical Officer and Director of Digital at The Spectator; Rob Webster, VP of Strategy at CvE;  Ulrich Gilot, Head of Media for Global Marketing at Betsson Group; Jim Meadows, Director of Influencer, Media and Partnerships at THG; Katrina Broster, Marketing Performance and Technology Director at the Financial Times; and Cat Daniel, Growth Marketing Director at Monzo Bank.


Roundtable recap: are advertisers exploiting the full potential of CTV?

Budgets are being diverted from traditional AV and digital campaigns into Connected TV (CTV), but are agencies and broadcasters ready to deliver on those brand investments? Are brands exploring the unique creative potential of CTV? What will be the impact of Netflix’s entry into the CTV ad market? 


NDA Roundtable: Life after third-party cookies

Like broken records, we’re constantly going on about identity, tracking, measurement, and all the other related buzzwords. But these records certainly aren’t playing our favourite songs. 


The NDA Roundtable: What’s the future of mobile advertising?

Amid tightening restrictions on the targeting, tracking and measurement of digital ads, what role will mobile play in the future of digital marketing? Is a Chinese-style ‘Super App’ likely to emerge in the UK? What trends should mobile advertisers be monitoring in 2022?


Roundtable recap: why Digital Out of Home offers a unique blend of data and creativity 

Will the deprecation of third-party cookies have any impact on the popularity of programmatic Digital Out of Home (pDOOH)? What role can first-party data play in leveraging pDOOH successfully? Will data-led OOH dampen the creativity associated with outdoor campaigns? An expert panel recently discussed these questions for NDA…