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WeGame2 and iion announce partnership to ‘revolutionise gaming advertising’

WeGame2, a female-founded global gaming consultancy established in 2023 has announced a strategic partnership with iion, the first-ever unified game advertising platform. This collaboration will “help to redefine the landscape of gaming advertising” by offering comprehensive ad solutions to brands and agencies throughout the UK and EU according to WeGame2.

The partnership leverages iion’s technology, which unifies fragmented gamer audiences into a single, accessible platform. This innovation simplifies the process for advertisers, enabling them to effectively reach gamers whether they are ‘In The Game’, ‘Around The Game’, or ‘Away from the Game’. WeGame2’s role in this alliance is to provide strategic support to agencies and brands, helping them to navigate and execute full-funnel gaming campaigns by selecting the most appropriate products and inventory. 

Lisa Menaldo, CEO and Co-Founder WeGame2 said:

” We are excited to bring iion’s proprietary technology ‘immersion’ into the UK, a platform that allows brands to plan, activate and measure against many different gaming environments. The platform addresses the fragmentation problem for marketeers, bringing unification, accessibility and simplicity to the channel.”   

 Nina Mackie, CRO & Co-Founder of WeGame2, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership:

“We are champions for diversity, sustainable advertising, and accessibility for all. This alliance with IION empowers us to fortify the connection between brands and gamer audiences further. Gaming advertising campaigns have the potential to attract new consumers whilst fostering loyalty among existing fans. With the iion network and WeGame2’s expertise in gaming advertising, brands can now craft impactful and meaningful campaigns that resonate across multiple platforms.”

Yun Yip, Chief Commercial Officer iion said:

“We are thrilled to accelerate our growth in the UK and EU region with WeGame2. Their profound understanding of these markets and the gaming industry, coupled with their excellence in integrating gaming and marketing expertise, makes them an ideal partner for us. At iion, we take pride in being the world’s only game technology platform through the unparalleled consumer attention, audience engagement, and creative impact that gaming provides. Specifically designed for game advertising, delivering tangible outcomes to brands and agencies through the unparalleled attention, audience engagement, and impact that gaming provides. This partnership represents a significant step towards revolutionizing gaming advertising, offering brands and agencies innovative ways to connect with nearly 80% of the region’s population in meaningful and effective ways”

Founded in 2023 by Nina Mackie, Ellie-Edwards Scott & Lisa Menaldo, WeGame2 is a female-led global gaming consultancy dedicated to making a real and positive impact on the gaming industry. By providing strategic support and expertise in gaming advertising, WeGame2 aims to bridge the gap between brands and the gaming community, ensuring accessible and sustainable advertising solutions that consider culture, diversity & self-expression