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What you need to read today: SPO, Channel 4, streaming wars and more

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Third-party cookies


The Trade Desk’s supply-path optimization efforts portend potential disruption ahead

The countdown to cookie-deletion on the internet’s most popular platform — Google’s consumer offerings and accompanying ad stack — continues meaning others on the market will have to ready themselves.



Go broader’: Supergoop is aiming to boost brand awareness, get in front of new audiences with OOH, print and Twitch

Supergoop wants to expand its target demographic beyond “mindful millennials,” to get more people to buy and wear its sunscreen. To do so, the company is expanding its advertising mix with more traditional mediums like out-of-home and print as well as expanding its social advertising to platforms like Snapchat and Twitch, a first for the brand.

Big tech


Google bans apps with hidden data-harvesting software

Google has found evidence of apps containing code that surreptitiously harvests data, with the company that wrote code having links to U.S. national-security contractors.


Financial Times

Privacy concerns should not block EU’s attempts to curb big tech power

Four years ago, milestone GDPR legislation on the protection of data came into effect. Now the EU is in the final stages of writing history again, with a…

Channel 4

The Drum

Advertisers worried Channel 4 sale would hinder diverse audience reach

The UK government has launched a consultation to privatize non-profit public-service broadcaster Channel 4. Among a wave of concern are advertisers who


The Drum

Why the streaming wars are heating up on accessibility, addressability and affordability

The streaming wars are heating up. Netflix’s dominance looks to be fading and everything from OTT apps to national broadcasters are playing for keeps.