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Why programmatic was always going to fall short on transparency

Programmatic advertising can be, and has been, incredibly beneficial to the stakeholders within the ecosystem, but it’s also incredibly expensive for advertisers – and this is just one of the major issues. Alongside the costs associated, programmatic struggles a great deal when it comes to transparency as well.

Giving a voice to small businesses

Local businesses benefit the most from being able to advertise their products or services through local publishers.

Adnuntius Company Profile

We are creating the next generation of digital ad marketplaces for publishers, advertisers, and agencies, delivering 100% transparency, 100% privacy, and providing 100% clarity on ad spend.

Cookies crumbled data for publishers, now they hold the key

The upcoming (delayed) deprecation of Google Chrome’s third-party cookie has been the talk of the industry for some time now, and it’s forced agencies, advertisers, and publishers all to reconsider how they approach the world of digital advertising.