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Adnuntius Company Profile

Name: Adnuntius 

Founded: 2016

Management Team: Stian Remaad, CEO and Co-founder; Mikal Rohde, Founder; Dirk Jacobs, CEO of Adnuntius Asia; Antonios Sarhanis, CEO of Adnuntius Australia;  Richard Masterton, CTO; Vegard Klubbenes Drogseth, CCO; Rune Danielsen, Head of Sales; and Ole Kristiansen, CFO

What Adnuntius does? 

We are creating the next generation of digital ad marketplaces for publishers, advertisers, and agencies, delivering 100% transparency, 100% privacy, and providing 100% clarity on ad spend.

Why it does it? 

We want to create a fair and efficient advertising ecosystem.

Who are Adnuntius’ customers? 

Any publisher with digital ad inventory and media buyers of all sizes.

What makes the platform so amazing? 

It is the first platform that solves the challenges of transparency, high cost and disappearance of third-party cookies within one integrated platform. With one platform that can be licensed at low risk, you are equipped to solve the biggest problems of digital advertising since programmatic advertising was introduced.

How is Adnuntius making its customers’ lives better? 

The platform enables customers to create better advertising products that, through value chain cost savings, increases revenue to publishers and effect to buyers. Programmatic advertising created a gap in communication between buyers and sellers and made technology players the referees of the game. We reinstate a direct buyer-seller relationship that facilitates better results for both parties. 

How is the company making the industry better? 

We are redefining transparency and privacy to deliver a fairer advertising ecosystem.

Why should you work for Adnuntius? 

Unique company and technology, global reach and ambitions, exciting growth phase, great and highly skilled colleagues around the world.

Why should you partner with the company? 

You should only partner with Adnuntius if you want full transparency, increased revenue, increased effect of advertising, activation of contextual and first-party data, and higher degrees of freedom in the ad products you market.

Company Profile

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